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Reconstruction Cards

For the Test on the 3rd of October in History.

13th Amendment Banned slavery in the United States
Civil Rights act of 1866 Guaranteed citizenship to everyone born in the U.S and sent federal troops to the South to make sure African American rights were insured.
14th Amedment Guaranteed citizenship to everyone born in the U.S. and gave them due process under the law
What does 'due process under the law' mean? When you get in trouble, you will get the same amount of punishment as anyone else doing the same crime.
15th Amendment Guaranteed voting rights to all citizens regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude
What amendments are known as the Reconstruction/Slavery Amendments because they gave citizenship and rights to African-Americans? These 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments
What is Reconstruction and how long did it last? Reconstruction is the term for the period in American history right after the Civil War. Reconstruction lasted 12 years.
What is a Black code? Southern states adopted Black Codes to limit the freedoms of former slaves. This was at a state level.
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1866? The Civil Rights Act of 1866 gave equal rights and citizenship to everyone born in the US (specifically African-American). It also send federal troops to enforce and protect African-American rights.
What was the Freedmen's Bureau and what did it do? The Freedmen’s Bureau was established to aid former slaves in the South (It was a government agency). It gave freed men and women food, shelter, medicine, clothing, and helped them get jobs.
Who was and was not able to hold political office after the Civil War? Slaves were allowed to hold political office, and southern military leaders (Robert E. Lee) could not hold political office because they did a treason.
Who is a carpetbagger? Someone who moves from the North to the South to take advantage of the Southern economy.
Abraham Lincoln Was the president of the United States during the Civil War. Created a Reconstruction plan calling for reconciliation and for the South to be forgiven. Wanted to preserve the Union and believed that the Southern states did not secede but rebelled.
Frederick Douglas Fought for adoption of constitutional amendments that guaranteed voting rights, Was a former slave and famous speaker for African American rights, Was a powerful voice for human rights and civil liberties for all
Robert E. Lee Leader of the Confederate Army during the Civil War, Wanted Southerners to rejoin the Union with no bad feelings, Became the president of Washington College
What is racial segregation? To be separated by race.
What is the meaning of race? Means to be judged by your heritage.
What are Jim Crow Laws? Jim Crow Laws were national laws that made discrimination practices legal.
What Supreme Court Case upheld that segregation was legal as long as conditions were “Separate but equal”? Plessy .vs. Ferguson (1896)
Booker T. Washington Accepted social segregation, Believed equality could be achieved through vocational education, Was a teacher, Was a author, Was a speaker
W.E.B. Dubois Believed in full political, civil, and social rights for African Americans, Founded the NAACP along with Ida Wells Barnett, Was a teacher, Was a author, Was a speaker, Believed in the “Talented Tenth” should lead the African American people
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