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American History

Exam #3

England had a clear advantage at the outset of the Revolutionary War, but Americans had which of the following factors operating in their favor? A more motivated military
Which of the following statements characterizes the relative military strengths of the British and Patriot forces during the Revolutionary War? Farmers angered by high taxes and Burton's demands at their sons to military service increasingly backed the rebel cause
Which of the following statements describes British military strategy during the first two years of the Revolutionary War? The british were content to demonstrate their superior power and tactics in the hopes of convincing the rebels to surrender
Which of the following describes the Continental army during the Revolutionary War? Most recruits were poor, native born youths and older foreign-born men.
Why was the Battle of Saratoga historically significant? The victory ensured the French would join in an alliance with the Americans.
Which of the following factors posed a major problem for the colonies during the American Revolution? The high price and scarcity of goods
Which of the following statements describes the American Revolution’s impact on civilians in areas that saw military conflicts? Both British and American troops were known to loot farms and harass and rape civilian women.
To finance the war during its first two years, the new American state governments relied primarily on printing large quantities of paper money
Which of the following was a consequence of the large increase of paper currency in circulation in the states during the Revolutionary War years? The paper bills quickly fell in value, becoming nearly worthless.
France gave serious consideration to an alliance with the rebel colonies primarily because it regarded the war as an opportunity to exact revenge on Britain for defeat in the French and Indian War and the loss of Canada.
Which of the following statements explains the Patriots’ successful revolution against Great Britain? About one-third of the population strongly supported the war and was willing to finance the fighting through inflation
Which of the following statements characterized Pennsylvania’s democratic constitution of 1776? Many leading Patriots found its radically democratic elements quite alarming.
Which of the following was a result of the Loyalists’ exodus during and after the Revolution? Patriot merchants replaced Tories at the top of the economic ladder
Why did it take the Continental Congress several years to ratify the Articles of Confederation? states had conflicting claims over western lands
Which of the following states were eventually created out of the Northwest Territory? Kentucky
Which of the following statements characterizes postwar trends in American trade? The war had crippled American shipping, which reduced the export of tobacco and other farm goods.
What did Shays’s Rebellion, which took place in Massachusetts in the winter of 1786–1787, demonstrate to American political leaders? A stronger national government was needed to solve the nation's monetary problems
The Great Compromise led to which of the following outcomes? The combination of the New Jersey and Virginia plans, which gave equal representation to each state and representation due to population in separate branches of the house.
Which constitutional provision demonstrated the framers’ lack of trust in the “people”? The method of electing the president
Why were Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut among the first to ratify the United States Constitution? These states wanted a strong government to counter the power of the larger states
How did British politicians respond to the American’s cry of “no taxation without representation”? They stated that, by means of virtual representation, the interests of Americans had been considered in Parliament
In which of the following ways did the Rockingham ministry in Britain fashion a compromise to the Stamp Act crisis in 1766? It repealed the Stamp Act, lowered the molasses tax, and crafted the Declaratory Act
The Townshend Acts of 1767 imposed duties on which of the following goods? Paper, paint, glass, and tea imported into the colonies
How did the Daughters of Liberty contribute to the American boycott of British goods in the late 1760s? Promoted non-importation by making and wearing homespun cloth
By 1770, after five years of crisis and debate over American sovereignty, outspoken colonial leaders had repudiated Parliament and claimed equality for their own assemblies under the king.
The 1774 Coercive Acts applied to which of the following colonies? Massachusetts only
Which of the following statements describes the historical significance of the April 1776 Battle of Lexington and Concord? The bloodshed that took place made further compromise impossible
Why was the popular pamphlet entitled Common Sense significant? convinced many colonist of the need to fight for American independence
Which of the following outcomes resulted from the Continental Congress’ approval of the Declaration of Independence? Loyalists and anti-independence moderates left the Congress
What prompted many southern yeomen and tenant farmers finally to support independence from Britain in 1775? The promise by the royal governor of Virginia to grant freedom to any slave or indentured servant who joined the Loyalists
Who led the moderate faction at the Second Continental Congress and won approval of a petition expressing loyalty to George III and asking for a repeal of oppressive parliamentary legislation? John Dickinson
Which of the following individuals would have been an unlikely Loyalist in 1776? a yeoman farmer
Why did Chesapeake slave owners increasingly rally to the Patriot cause? were worried that the British would seize control over the courts and assemblies in the South if they succeeded in doing so in Massachusetts
At the First Continental Congress in 1774, New England delegates advocated which of the following plans? Political union and defensive military preparations
Which of the following actions did the First Continental Congress ultimately decide to implement in 1774? threatening to cut off almost all American exports in Britain, Ireland, and the West Indies
Which of the following actions did Lord North’s government take in response to the First Continental Congress in 1775? Demanding that Americans acknowledge Parliamentary supremacy
Why did New Englanders resent the Quebec Act of 1774? French Catholics were allowed to live there, Catholicism became the religion of the colony
Why did radical Patriots in the colonies object to the Tea Act of 1773? They saw it as a bribe to eliminate colonial tax resistance
Which of the following was the purpose of the Tea Act imposed by Parliament on the colonies in May 1773? The british needed to bail out the financially strapped British East India Company
In the decade before the American Revolution, the colonists’ achieved the greatest effect by using which of the following means of protest? Boycotts
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