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History 11 Ch 2

French and Indian War Colonists started to question British authority after the war; created a lot of debt in England
First Continental Congress Came together to decide on how to deal with England; approved the formation of militias and drafted a letter to the King
Thomas Jefferson Wrote the Declaration of Independence; many of his ideas came from Enlightenment thinkers
3/5 Compromise For every 5 slaves 3 would be counted when determining population of a state; benefited the south in determining representation in the house
3 Branches of Government Executive, Legislative, Judicial; system of checks and balances used to keep each branch from becoming too powerful
Jeffersonian Republicans Did not think the government should interfere with the economy
Lewis and Clark Expedition Sent to explore the lands of the Louisiana Purchase
War of 1812 Fought between the US and Britain; considered our 2nd revolution; opposed by many
Battle of New Orleans Greatest victory of the War of 1812; fought after the war was already over
Tariff Tax on imports used to protect American industries; opposed by the south because it hurt their trade
Bill of Rights Guarantee that certain freedoms would be protected
Cabinet Group of advisors to the President
Battle of Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison defeats Tecumseh
Alien and Sedition Acts Laws that made it illegal to criticize the United States Gov
Embargo Restriction on trade
Treaty of Paris Treaty that ended the Revolutionary War
Stamp Act Law that taxed colonists on printed materials
Boycott Refusal to buy a product or service
Legislative Branch Made up of Congress; duty was to create laws
Pontiac’s Rebellion Native American revolt against British in Great Lakes region
Mercenary Hired soldier. Hessians came from Germany
Treaty of Ghent Treaty that ended the War of 1812
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