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First Sem Interim

First Semester Interim

2 countries that make up the Iberian Peninsula Spain and Portugal
Name 3 Landforms of in Europe Iberian Peninsula, Alps, Pyrenees, Scandinavian Peninsula, Ural Mountains
The country that is flat, contains a lot of forest and the Rhine River flows through Germany
Many of the European cities and industrial centers are located where? along rivers and the coast
Give an example of a natural feature Mountains. rivers etc.
Name 3 European countries established colonies in the Americas? Which did not? Spain, France, Portugal GERMANY
Political maps show _________? boundaries and capitals
Name 3 causes of European exploration and colonization Spreading of religion Searching for natural resources Searching for new markets for goods
Imaginary lines that circle the globe east and west of the prime meridian lines of longitude
Name the 3 major religions in Europe Judaism, Christianity, Islam
The industrialization of what country and its surrounding countries is causing MAJOR concerns because of acid rain Germany
What effect did the Treaty of Versailles have on Germany at the completion of World War I? It punished Germany for the war
Judaism, Christianity and Islam all are monotheistic. What does this mean? They all believe in one God.( monotheistic)
Which war is the Holocaust associated with? World War II
What is the coordinate of the Prime Meridian? 0 degrees Longitude
Physical feature in Russia that separates Asia from Europe Ural Mountains
Which country involved in World War II did not control a section of Germany following World War II? Italy
What were the 2 primary nations involved in the Cold War? United States and Soviet Union
Why was Prince Henry nicknamed “The Navigator”? he funded many voyages of discovery and advances in navigation
What was the symbol for the collapse of the Soviet Union? Tearing down the Berlin Wall
What is the coordinate of the Equator? 0 degrees Latitude
What was one result of the Russian Revolution in 1917? Russia became communist
Religion practiced in Europe that is the MOST widely practiced Christianity
What is the MOST likely environmental concern facing the United Kingdom due to it having such a large number of people living in cities? Air Pollution
What was the Ukraine’s environmental issue? Nuclear fallout/nuclear waste from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant blowing up
What was Germany’s environmental issue? The Black Forest was being destroyed by acid rain. So, air pollution from Germany and Great Britain.
What 3 countries make up the Axis Powers? JIG: Japan, Italy, Germany
Who gained control after the Russian Revolution? Lenin
What is genocide? a mass murder of people based on race and/or religion
What two events caused the US to enter WWI? Sinking of the Lusitania; Zimmerman Telegraph
What was the spark that started WWI? Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
What country did both England and France explore to? Canada
What were some reasons explorers set out in the 15th century from Europe? • to find a route to Asia for goods • Power • Natural Resources • Profit • Spread religion • Land
Which European country established the most colonies in the Americas in the 1600s? Spain
What were the reasons of why Europe was tense before WWI? • Large militaries • Nationalism • Alliances • Imperialism
What was the main cause of WWII? • Germany invades Poland
What was the Cold War? A time of tension without direct warfare from 1945-1991
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