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Texas Tribes

Lifestyle of Comanches: HORSE culture Fierce warriors Nomadic
Customs and traditions of the Comanches: Peace & war chiefs "Comancheria" = their vast land controlled in the central plains Most powerful group in southern plains
The Kiowas lived in... Northern Panhandle.
The Kiowas houses were ... Tepees
What did the Comanches live in? Tepees
What was the Comanches food source? Buffalo
The Comanches were nicknamed... Lords of the plains
What are the regional characteristics for the Comanches? Dry Grasslands Buffalo
Tonkawa homes: tepees then roundhouses
Tonkawa food sources: Buffalo other small animals
Tonkowa location: Edwards Plateau Hill country
Tonkowa reigonal characteristics: Dry Southern Plains
The Caddos were called __________ Friendly farmers
Caddo location: Northeastern TX
Caddo reigonal characteristics: Piney woods Rain/lake/rivers WATER!
Caddo homes: Roundhouses
Caddo food sources: Corn Squash Beans FISH!
Caddo lifestyle: Farmers Not nomadic Trotline with hooks=fishing rod
Caddo customs and traditions: Government=confederacies Tayshas (friend)
Wichita location: North central plains
Wichita reigonal characteristics: mild (warm) climate Dry Plains
Wichita homes: Roundhouses
Wichita food sources: Corn Squash Beans
Wichita lifestyle: Farmers NOT nomadic Would hunt buffalo if Comanche weren't around
Wichita customs and traditions: Migrated from Kansas and Oklahoma
The wichitas and the caddos are _________ Southeastern tribes
Karankawas were called _________ Cannibals of the Coast
Karankawa location: Texas COAST Galveston to Corpus Christi
Karankawa reigonal characteristics: Coastal Plains Hot+Humid GULF OF MEXICO!!!!
Karankawa homes: Portable wigwam huts (Bent branches under animal hides)
Karankawa food sources: Fish Shellfish Deer other small animals
Karankawa lifestyle: Hunter-gatherers Nomadic Cannibals to gain strength from enimies
Karankawa customs and traditions: Dugout canoes No fishing rods Treated children with kindness Died out from European diseases
The Karankawa and the Coahuiltecan were ________ Scavengers in the desert
Coahuiltecan reigonal characteristics: Climate too dry for farming Desert-like
Coahuiltecan location: South TX Plain Into Mexico
Coahuiltecan homes: Portable hut (primitive)
Coahuiltecan food sources: small animals bugs dirt soup
Coahuiltecan lifestyle: Gatherers (scavengers) Few tools, but tomahawk Shaman (spirits) religious leaders Nomadic
Coahuiltecan customs and traditions: Could run long distances Always searching for food Died from European disease
Where are the Apaches located? West TX Along Pecos River
What are their homes? Tepees
Kiowa food source: Buffalo
Kiowa Lifestyle: HORSES Nomadic
Kiowa customs and traditions: Allies with Comanches "Sun dancing"
Jumanos &Tiguas are ______ Pueblo tribes
J+T lifestyle: Farmers used irrigation from Rio Grande Traders Advanced villages
J+T customs and traditions: Struggled with drought
J+T homes: Adobe (mud) homes
J+T food sources: corn squash beans
J+T location: West TX Along Rio grande
J+T reigonal characteristics: Desert Dry Drought
The Comanches, Kiowas, Apaches, and Tonkowas are _________ The Plains Tribes
Tonkowa lifestyle: Pushed out of hunting grounds by Apache Roundhousing learned from Wichitas
Tonkawa customs and traditions: Often allied with whatever group would accept them
Apaches food source: Buffalo
Apaches Lifestyle: HORSES Nomadic Small raiding/hunting bands
Apaches customs and traditions: Often raided Pueblo Bow and Arrow=prized possesion
Created by: caroline.conner
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