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Civics Test - Friday


citizenship Rights and responsibilities in their community
democratic A person that had the right to vote for the government
society An organized group that has the same beliefs
rights The things that you are given that you are able to do in your community
responsibilities tasks a citizen must do in their community
naturalization the process where an immigrant can become a citizen in a different country
political values a group of people that share core beliefs in the government
ideology a political belief or idea that a group of people have.
Socialism an ideology that wants to have less economic unfairness by giving everyone a fair amount of money
libertarianism an ideology based on a strong beliefs and a minimal role for government
environmentalism an ideology that focuses on protecting the environment
centrism an ideology at the middle of the political point of view that puts both liberal and conservative thoughts together
first three steps in naturalization - enter the country with a legal visa and be at least 18 -apply for permanent resident status - live in the country for at least 5 years
Dred Scott v. Sanford decision a man who was a slave sued for his rights but lost in court and was declared as not a citizen and that slaves were not included in the Constitution
Plessy v. Ferguson a man was arrested for sitting in a whites only train, and told court that the "separate but equal" law was not equal. Court won and he was arrested. Groups of African-Americans formed together to go against this unfair law.
Brown v. board of education an African-American girl wanted to go to a whites-only school by her house, so she went to court and they let her. They also took away the "separate but equal" law for they saw that it was not equal.
Jim Crow laws laws that segregated whites from others
14th amendment A part in the Constitution that didn't include slaves
Green card An official piece of paper that lets you stay in the country as a permanent resident
civil society people that help out with the government without being in the government
"separate but equal" this means that whites and color should be separate and that it was equal. This was part of segregation until it ended with the battle of Brown v. board of school
last 3 steps in naturalization - meet with an immigrant official - take a civics and english test -attend a formal ceremony and get your citizenship
Created by: bhumpage
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