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Nate's ch.21 review

Pure Food and Drug Act prohibited manufacture, sale and transport of contaminated or mislabeled food or drug
17th Amendment allowed Americans to directly vote for US Senators
Square Deal interests of business people, laborers and consumers should be balanced
Payne-Aldrich Tariff reduced taxes on some imported goods but raised others
Conservation Movement protects and preserves nature so people can enjoy its beauty
Wiliam Howard Taft angered progressives with cautious reforms
Woodrow Wilson's reforms pushed for banking and tariff reforms; wanted better working conditions for working class Am.
National American Woman Suffrage Association founded by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony in 1890; promote women's suffrage
19th Amendment women's right to vote
Booker T. Washington born into slavery; became respected educator at young age
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; called for economic and educational equality for Afr. Am.
Women's Christian Temperance Union 1874 fought for the adoption of local and state laws banning alcohol
child labor some likes, others did not; a law was later made to make it illegal
capitalism economic system where private businesses run most industries and competition determines price of goods
socialism system where the government owns and operates a country's means of production
reason for the triangle shirtwaist fire doors locked and fire escapes were blocked because boss was worried about theft
Muller v. Oregon court case that upheld laws restricting women's work hours
Industrial Workers of the World union that welcomed immigrants, women, Afr. Am.s and others not allowed into AFL
John Dewey inspired teachers across country; Dewey Decimal System in the library
Robert M. LaFollette decreased power of political machines
referendum allows voters to approve or reject a law already passed or proposed by gov't body
muckrakers group of journalists who exposed the worst of society; raised public awareness
political machines powerful organizations that used legal and illegal methods to get their candidate elected to public offices
Spoils Sstem practice where a political party gives govt jobs to unqualified people for supporting their party
Created by: mellyjreed