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chapter 5 vocab

bicameral legislature made up of two house (senate and the house of representatives)
sessions meetings
census population count
Reaportionment the population of each state determines the new number of representatives to which each is entitled
redistricting the process of setting up new district lines after reapportionment has been completed
gerrymandering political party controlling the state government draws a districts boundaries to gain an advantage in elections.
at-large state-wide
censure is a vote of formal disapproval of a members actions
incumbents those members already in office, won reelction
constituents the people in the districts the represent
caucus closed meeting
majority leader speakerÅ› top assistant
whips serve as assistant floor leaders
bills proposed law
calendars list bills that are up for consideration
quorum minimum number of members who must be present to permit a legislative body to take official action
president pro tempore for the time being
filibuster means to stall the legislative process and prevent a vote
cloture procedure that allows each senator to speak only 1 hour on a bill under debate
standing committees congress set up permanent groups to oversee bills that dealt with certain kinds of issues
subcommittees specializes in a subcategory of its standing committee's responsibility
select committees study one specific issue and report their findings to the Senate or the House.
joint committees made up of members from both the house and the senate
conference committee temporary committee set up when the House and Senate have passed different versions of the same bill
seniority system gave the member of the majority party with the longest uninterrupted service on a particular committee the leadership of that committee
personal staff members work directly for individual senators and representatives.
committee staff members work for the many house and senate committes
administrative assistant very important legislative aide
legislative assistants secoind type of personal staff member
caseworkers personal staff members that handle many request for help from people in a lawmaker's state or congressional district
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