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Culture Vocabulary

Culture The way of life of a group of people
Customs Special practices that are common to one group of people.
Traditions Customs that survive from one generation to the next generation
Technology The scientific knowledge and tools available to a culture
Values Beliefs about what is good, desirable, and worth holding on to
Basic Needs Things that cultures need to survive. (Food, water, shelter, clothing)
Language Every culture has a way that it communicates. It includes speaking, writing and gestures
Government People or groups of people who make laws, make decisions for war and collect taxes Decisions on how a culture should be run
Economy The way cultures around the world make money or trade goods .
Social Organization Cultures have different classes where some people are rich or poor.
Education System for educating people about religion, science, math, etc.
Religion What people believe in. Some cultures have one god, other have many gods. Deals with what people believe and how they worship
Recreation Things people do for fun; the ways in which people have fun or spend their free time
Art Cultures make sculptures, pottery and paintings. They may show how people live or what they believe in.
Family Patterns All cultures have families. The way they are set up may be different.
Created by: MrsScottNBC