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Chap 21 Absolutism

Chapter 21 Test

What did Charles V rule? Holy Roman Empire and other European countries.
Declared Huguenots could live in peace in France by what? Edict of Nantes a declaration was “Paris is well worth at most”
How did Spain gain it's power? Religious and territorials conflicts, growth of armies, heavy taxes.
Who did Henry inherit the throne from? Catherine because her last son died.
Where did Philip control over? Africa, Indies, and East Indies.
What was Louis? A weak king.
Between 1562 and 1598 what happened? Huguenots and Catholics fought eight religious wars.
Who took total control at age 22 but inherited the throne at age 4? Louis XIII
The french army was way ahead in what? Size, weaponry, and training.
The noble's rebellion failed for what 3 reasons? They distrusted each other, government used violent repression, and peasants and townspeople grew weary of fighting
What is Divine Right? The doctrine that kings and queens have a God-given right to rule and that rebellion against them is a sin.
What is a monarch? A form of government with a King/Queen as the leader
What is Skepticism? The idea that nothing can ever be known for certain.
What is an autocratic ruler? Having total control of society.
What is absolutism? The acceptance of or belief in absolute principles.
When was Ivan's Bad period and what happened? 1560 His wife dies, He accuse the boyars of poisoning her. He abdicates in 1564, but returns, He agrees as long as he is given absolute power, He persecutes the boyers, took land
When was Ivan's good period and what happened? 1547-1560 Wins great victories, Expand Russia’s bounders, Creates a code of laws
Who takes over after Ivan is hit on the head and killed? Feodor but he was not fit to lead so with no heir Peter becomes King.
What does Peter do geographically? Cuts off contact from Russia to Europe.
What did Louis XIV build? The Versailles
What was Peter's goal for Russia? Westernization, Brings Orthodox Church under state control, reduce power to great landowners
What did Louis do the was bad? Put his country, France, through a lot of wars and put them into a lot of debt.
How does Parliament limit the English Monarch? Parliament's finical power.
Parliament refused to give Charles I money for war until he signs what document? Petition of Right
What did the Petition of Right have on it? No taxes, No quartering of troops, No imprisonment , No martial law
What year did the English civil war start in? 1642
What year did Cromwell die in where he stopped ruling? 1658
What year sis the English civil war end in? 1649
After what year could no British monarch could rule without the consent of parliament? 1688
Created by: zro1902