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The History of Islam

What do Muslims need to believe in for the five pillars to matter? The deceleration of faith.
Where did the Caravans stop during holy months? They stopped in mecca.
Why did Muslims come to mecca? Muslims came to mecca to worship the shrine.
Around when was Muhammad born? Muhammad was born around 570.
What as the migration called when Muhammad left Mecca and where was it to? The migration was known as the hijah and they went to Medina.
When did Muhammad and his flowers return to Mecca. They traveled back to Mecca in 630
How old was Muhammad when he died? He died at the age of 62.
The Caliphs who knew Muhammad were known as the.... "Rightly Guided"
What was the "Rightly guided" Caliphs rule known as? Their rule was known as Kalphite.
As a result of Muhammad's death what did some tribes do? Some of the tribes left and abandoned Islam
Who invoked the jihad. Abu-Bakr
By the time Abu-Bakr died The Muslim state controlled all of where? Arabia
Under Umar Muslim army's took what two places. Syria, and lower egypt
What group resisted the Umayyad rule? The Shi'a resisted.
What group took over the empire when the Umayyads were overthrown The Abassids took control of the empire.
By the end of the Muslim empire how many people lived there? Around 200,000 people lived there.
How did you become an upper class. You were born into upper class.
What people where the second class. The second class was people that converted to Islam.
Who made up the third class. The Christians, the Jews and the Zorastrians
Who made up the last class. The slaves, prisoners of war and non-Muslims.
What did a man have to say three times to divorce his wife. I dismiss thee
Where there good poets before Islam. Yes there were any god poets before Islam.
Who did they praise through there poems. The Muslims praised Muhammad through there poems.
Who's art and agriculture did they inherit. They inherited Arab traditions and adapted them to theie belifes
Who was responsible for raising the children. The mother had to raise the children and take care of them.
Created by: Jack Santulli


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