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Chapter 2 Vocab

crusade one of a series of expeditions Europeans made to regain control of Christian holy sites in the Middle East from the A.D. 1000s to the 1200s
classical related to the culture of ancient Greece and Rome
Renaissance a reawakening of culture and intellectual curiosity in Europe from the 1300s to the 1600s
technology the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes
astrolabe an instrument used to plan a course, using the stars
acquire to get possession or control of
compass an instrument that shows the direction of magnetic north
pilgrimage a journey to a holy place
mosque a Muslim house of worship
cape a point of land that sticks out into water, much like a peninsula
devote to commit oneself or one's resources to something
alter to change
circumnavigate to travel completely around something, usually by water
conquistador Spanish explorer
contact when two or more groups or objects come together
immunity resistance, such as to disease
pueblo a town in the Spanish-ruled lands
mission a religious community where farming was carried out and Native Americans were converted to Christianity
presidio a fort
found to start, to establish
reformation a sixteenth-century religious movement rejecting or changing some Roman Catholic teachings and practices and establishing the Protestant churches
protestantism a form of Christianity that was in opposition to the Catholic Church
widespread over a wide area
armada a fleet of warships
northwest passage a sea passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific along the north coast of North America
tenant farmer settler who pays rent or provides work to a landowner in exchange for the right to use the landowner's land
Created by: Jaya Reed