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Ss chapter 1

Map skills,types of communities

in the country side where there is plenty of open space rural
different diverse
the way of life of a group of people culture
imaginary lines that circle Earth, in degrees north and south latitude
in a lage city where there are museums and apaprtment buildings urban
What is an advantage to living in a community it allows you a safe place to live, work, and have fun
What is the biggest effect on where people form a community? natural resources
People in a community enjoy skiing and sledding in the winter, and hiking and camping in the summer. Which kind of community is this? A community in the mountains
Why is it important for people in communities to follow laws? to make the community safe
Describe a political map It is a map that shows boundaries, cities, and capitals
What is a map scale? It tells the distance between places on a map. You need to use a ruler to measure and it usually is an amount of miles per inch.
When the size or shape of a place looks different on a map. distortion
How is an urban community different from other types of communities? Urban communities are located in large cities.
How can communities change over time? Communities can change over time by growing in population, size, and number of businesses. Suburban communities can change into Urban if a large number of people move in and business start to grow and take up more space.
Why would people in a community be proud of having a movie theater, library, and many parks? A community would be proud of having such things because they provide places for people to work and have fun.
Do you live in a rural, suburban, or urban community?Would you live in another community if you could? Why or why not? This will be up to the students. They need to name and describe the community they live in. Then need to tell me if they want to live in a different community or not and explain why? This should be at least 4 sentences.
Created by: mrs.katiemccarty
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