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19th Cent. Art Quiz1

Moonrise over the Sea Friedrich-1822
Study of Cirrus Clouds Constable-1822
Woman in Front of the setting Sun Friedrich-1818-1820
Morning Runge-1808
Shulamit and Maria Pfarr-1811
Portrait of Franz Pfarr Overbeck-1810
The Tyger from Songs of Innocence and Experience Blake-1795
Portrait of the Dutchess of Alba Goya-1797
Third of May, 1808 Goya-1814
The Family of Charles the IV Goya-1800
The Parasol Goya-1777
Las Meninas Velazquez-1656
Napoleon Crossing the Alps David-1800-1801
The Oath of the Tennis Court David-1791
Marie-Antoinette on the way to the Guillotine David-1793
Oath of the Horatti David-1784
Madame de Pompadour Boucher
The Embarkment to Cythera Watteau-1717
Portrait of Watteau Boucher
Hotel de Soubise Bouffrand-1730's
Gersaints Signboard Watteau-1720-21
French Royal Academy Louis XIV-1648
Genre Determined by subject matter
Style How the Paint is Handled
Satan Devouring One of his Children Goya-1819-1823
Disaster of War:Great Heorism! With Dead Men! Goya-1810-1815
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters Goya-1797-1798
Cornelias Pointing to her Children as Her Treasures Kauffman-1785
The Death of General Wolfe West 1771
The Sabine Woman David-1799
Lictors Returning to Brutus the Bodies of his Sons David-1789
Assassination of Jean Paul Marat David-1793
The Death of Socrates David-1787
The Stourhead Gardens Hoare II
The Swing Fragonard-1766
Judgement of Solomon Poussin-1649
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