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The Muslim Empire

Who is The founder of Islam ? Muhammad (pbuh)
What are The 5 pillars of Islam? Deceleration of faith “Allah is the only god and Muhammad (pbuh) is the last and greatest messenger “ Praying 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca Giving Zakat Fasting in Ramadan Going to Hajj
what is the Muslims holy book , holy day and holy place ? the Quran , Friday, and the mosque
Who is Their leader of religious services? There is no real leader but there is a man called the Imam who calls the Muslims to pray 5 times a day
What was the hijrah ? It was the prophet Muhammad's travel from Mecca to Medina
around what year was Muhammed born ? where ? around The year 570 in Mecca.
Why did Meccan merchants object to Muhammad‘s message ? Because they didn't like Muhammad's idea to end status difference between the rich and the poor
What times do the Muslims pray ? Dawn - noon - afternoon - sunset - night .
Where is the dome of the rock located ?and what is it ? In Jerusalem it is one of the biggest and most important mosques in Muslim history.
Who did the Muslim society elect as caliph ?and when did that person become caliph ? Abu- Bakr and he became Caliph in the year 632
what did they use as guides to help them rule the Muslim society the Quran and Sunna
Where did the Muslim armies conquer ? And under whose rule the Muslims conquered Syria and Lower Egypt and part of the Sassined Empire . this all happened under Omar 's rule
When was Uthman murdered ? in the year 656
When was Ali assassinated ? in the year 661
which family came to power ? where did they move the Muslim capital to ? the Ummayid's came to power , they moved the Muslim capital to Al Iraq
what were the 2 Muslim groups called after the split? Sunni and Shia'a
how were conquered people treated ? they allowed conquered people to follow their own religion but they had to pay tax
How did the Abbasids come to power? they defeated the Umayyad army in 750
who was ibn Sina ? he was a great physician .
What was ibn Sina's biggest achievement ? he wrote a 5 volume encyclopedia containing things very important to medical history.
what were the reasons that the Muslims always had a thirst for knowledge? name 2 reasons 1) rulers wanted experienced physicians to heal their ill 2) there was need for mathematicians to calculate the prayer times.
What was Al Khwarizmi greatest achievement ? he invented Algebra
who was Al Khwarizmi ? he was a Muslim mathematician one of the best there ever was .
what could be used as evidence of Islamic civilization and scholarship ? the fact that there was countless number of book stores 37 libraries and 800 schools in Cordoba alone.
what did Al Qasim 's book the method contain ? it contained nearly 200 drawings of medical tools .
who do Muslims consider the people of the book ? the Jews and the Christians
what is Ramadan ? it is the Muslims holy month where they fast from sunrise to sunset
what is Zakat? what is Hajj? Zakat is giving charity to the poor Hajj is going on a pilgramage once in a lifetime if you are physically or financially able
Created by: 21swadi
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