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Ancient Middle East

Pre-AP Global

Mesopotamia means ____________ __________ __________ ________. Land between two rivers.
The two rivers that surround Mesopotamia. Tigris and Euphrates.
The area that Mesopotamia was located in. Fertile Crescent.
First city in Mesopotamia. Sumner, built by the Sumerians.
Sumerians. Tribes that had a common language (non-Semitic) and religion, lived in city states, had protective walls and dikes.
True or False: Women had rights in Mesopotamia. True.
True or False: Slaves could buy their freedom and typically weren't slaves for life. True.
Form of writing. Cuneiform.
Religion. Polytheistic.
Famous story of the meaning of life and power of gods. The Epic of Gilgamesh.
Temples dedicated to gods. Ziggurats.
Unified the city states of Sumner into the first empire, had bronze weapons. Sargon the Great and the Akkadians.
Babylonian ruler that wrote the first documented law. Hammurabi.
True or False: Hammurabi's Code benefited women. False, they lost rights.
True or False: Hammurabi's Code was equal for all. False, social classes got treated differently.
Ruled city-states near the Mediterranean Sea, ship builders, created the alphabet, carriers of civilizations. Phoenicians.
Conquered Babylon, created weights and coins. Persians.
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