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The Global Environme

The study of where people live, where places are located and how they relate to each other is called Geography
The five themes of the Global Environment are 1) Location 2)Place 3)Interaction with Environment 4)Movement 5)Region
What is location? Position on the Earth's surface
Location can be what or what? Relative or Absolute
Latitude and longitude help express absolute location
The equator is a longitude or latitude line? Latitude
Latitude lines run in what direction? eAst-west
Longitude lines run in what direction? nOrth-sOuth
Latitude lines measure distance in what direction? North-South
Longitude lines measure distance in what direction? East-West
The Prime Meridian is a longitude or a latitude line? Longitude
The rapid movement of what three things furthers global interdependence? Peoples, good & ideas
The movement of good is also called Trade
The movement of people is also called Migration
What are exports? Goods sent outside the country
What are imports? Goods brought into the country
Reliance of countries on goods, resources & knowledge from other parts of the world is called Interdependence
What are examples of America's interdependence on other countries? Importing coffee from Columbia, oil from the Middle East and tea from India and Sri Lanka
What are four ways are regions unified by common characteristics? Physical, Cultural, Political, Economic
What is an example of a physical characteristic and a region unified by that characteristic? Mountainous terrain/Appalachian Mt. Region; Coastal terrain & Beaches/Florida Gulf Coast; Rainforest/Amazon River Valley
What is an example of a cultural characteristic that unifies a region? Muslim World;
What is an example of a political characteristic that unifies a region? Democracy/USA; Absolute Monarchy/Saudi Arabia
What is an example of a economic characteristic that unifies a region? Member of European Union
Geographers use maps to display information
What is topography The physical characteristics of a place or region
List 4 major landforms Mountains, Plateaus, Plains, Hills
What do we call the average weather over a period of 20 to 30 years? Climate
True or False. Climate has a major impact on people. True
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