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Underground Railroad


Civil War a war between the norther states and the southern states, fought from 1861-186
Anti-Slavery against slavery
Slave a person who is owned by someone else
Slaveholders those who owned slaves
Slave catcher a person who made money by finding escaped slaves, capturing them, and returning them to their owners
Rebellion a fight or struggle against any kind of authority or control
stations hiding places on the Underground Railroad; another name for safe houses
passengers a code word for slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad
spitituals religious songs sung by the slaves to lift their spirits and relay coded information
Stationsmasters people who allowed runaway slaves to hide in their homes
conductors a code word for people who guided escapted slaves on the Underground railroad
Safe house a place where fleeing slaves could seek food and shelter
Underground Railroad a secret network of people, houses, churches, or other places that helped fugitive slaves escape to freedom
North Star used by slaves to find their way north and to freedom
Drinking Gourd code name for the Big Dipper, the group of stars runaway slaves used to locate the north star
Emancipation Procolomation issued by President Lincoln, this document declared that slaves in rebel states were free
Fugitive Slave Act law passed in 1850 requiring that escapted slaves be returned to their owners not matter where in the US they were found
Patrollers men who searched for escaped slaves
Master slave owners were called this by their slaves
quilt blanket made from squares of fabric that are sewn together; sometimes used to pass information to runaways
Harriett Tubman escaped slave and one of the most famous conductors on the Underground Railroad; helped lead over 300 slaves to freeedom
William Still an escaped slave who is often referred to as "The Father of the Underground Railroad"
load of potatoes/parcels/bundle of wood code words for the transporting of escaping slaves on the Underground Railroad
code a system of words, phrases, and symbols used to communicate secret messages
Promise Land a code name for Canada during the time of the Underground Railroad
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