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impel force
endowed provided
usurptions wrongful seizures of power
evinces clearly displays
despotism unlimited power
tyranny oppressive power exerted by a government
candid fair
relinquish release, yield
inestimble priceless
formidable causing dread
annihilation destruction
convulsions violent disturbances
naturalization of foreigners the process by which foreign-born persons become citizens
appropriations of lands setting aside land for settlement
tenure term
a multitude of many
quartering lodging, housing
arbitrary not based on law
render make
foreign mercenaries soldiers hired to fight for a country not their own
perfidy violation of trust
insurrections rebellions
petitioned for redress asked formally for a correction of wrongs
unwarrantable jurisdiction unjustified authority
magnanimity generous spirit
conjured urgently called upon
consanguinty common ancestry
acquiesce consent to
rectitude rightness
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