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Chapter 10- Islam

Chapter 10 Test- Islam

Who are the founders of Islam? Abraham and Muhammad as the center focus
What are the Five Pillars of Islam? Declaration of Faith, Zakat (alms), Fasting (Ramadan), Daily Prayers, and Hajj
What are believers NOT allowed to eat/drink? Pork - Anything non-kosher, alcoholic beverages - any intoxicating drinks
Who were the four Caliphs after Muhammad? Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali
What exceptions did the "People of the Book" have when they were conquered? They could continue to practice their own religion, and pay poll tax for exemption from the army
What does the word "Jihad" mean? The word jihad means “striving” and can refer to the inner struggle against evil.
What are the four social classes? The upper class-Muslims at birth. Converts to Islam-second class. The third class- “protected people” and included Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians. The lowest class-slaves.
What do the rights of a Muslim woman include? Men and women are equal, had legal rights concerning marriage, family, and property.
What do Sunni and Shi'a believe about one another? They both believe the other has distorted various passages of the Qur'an .
Are there more Sunni or Shi'a in Islam? There are more Sunni; more than 75%.
What was the leading city and the cultural center of Islamic learning? Damascus was the leading city.
Who was Al - Razi? The greatest Muslim scholar.
What did Al - Razi write? An encyclopedia called "The Comprehensive Book" and "Treatise On Smallpox and Measles".
What was Ibn Rush criticized for? He was criticized for blending Aristotle and Plato's views with those on Islam.
When do Muslims fast, and for how long? In Ramadan, from sunrise to sunset.
What is Hajj? The pilgrimage to Makkah to the house of worship; the Ka'aba
What is a Caliph? A righteous Muslim leader that lead after Muhammad.
What did the four caliphs do? They spread Islam and built a Muslim empire.
What is the Ulama? Teachers/scholars who apply the words and deeds of Muhammad to everyday life.
What was one responsibility that every woman had, no matter their status? Everyone woman was responsible for raising children?
Where is the ka'aba located? In Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Through which forms did people express themselves? Through calligraphy, art, woodwork, glass, ceramics, and textiles.
Where was the Great Mosque of Damascus located? It was built on the site of a Christian Church.
How did Muslim scientists prefer to solve problems? Muslim scientists preferred to solve problems by conducting experiments in laboratory settings.
Who produced a mathematical book and what is it called? Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen), a brilliant mathematician, produced a book called Optic.
Created by: 21aparvez