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Chapter 10 - Islam

Chapter 10 test on Islam

Who/what visited Muhammad and told him he was the messenger of Allah? What was it's name? An angel named Gabriel
When did Muhammad begin to preach publicly in Mecca? 619
What town did Muhammad choose to move to that was 200 miles north of Mecca? Muhammad chose to move to the town Yathrib
What was the Hijrah known as? The Hijrah was known as the turning point for Muhammad
How many gods/goddesses did Muslims believe in and what is/are their name(s)? Muslims believed in one god named Allah
What do Muslims do during the holy month of Ramadan? Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan
What are Muslims not allowed to eat and drink? Pork and intoxicated substances
What day is the Muslim's holy day? Friday is the holy day set for Muslims
What is the Qur'an? The Qur'an is the holy book of the Muslims
When did Muhammad die? 632
Who was Abu-Bakr? Abu-Bakr was the first caliph
What happened in 634? Abu-Bakr died and Umar became second caliph
What happened in 750? Muslim land stretched about 6,000 miles
Why was the Muslim army so powerful? The Muslim army was very disciplined and expertly comanded
How did Muslims treat conquered places that practiced different religions? Muslims allowed the conquered people to practice their own religions
What weren't Christians and Jews allowed to do? Christians and Jews were not allowed to spread their religion
When was Uthman murdered and the war started for power? 656
When was Ali assassinated? 661
What does Shi'a mean? Shi'a means party of Ali
What does Sunni mean? Sunni means followers of Muhammad's example
When did rebel groups overthrow the Umayyads? 750
Who was Abd al-Rahman? Abd al-Rahman escaped the Umayyads assassination and fled to Spain
When did the Abbasids move the capital of the empire to a newly created city? 762
How long did the Abbasid group survive? 508 years
Who was Muhammad? The founder of Islam
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