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Chapter 10 - Islam

Chapter 10 - Islam test

Who was Mohammed before he became a prophet. A wealthy merchant.
Who founded Islam? Abraham and Mohammed.
What did Mohammed do. He spread Islam across the Arabian peninsula.
Who took over after Mohammed. Ali.
What was the wealthiest caliphate family. The Abbasids.
What are the two splinter groups. Sunni and Shi'a.
Mohammed made it his goal to spread monotheism because? The angel Gabriel told him to.
What city had the most population? Baghdad.
What were Caliphs. "Rightly Guided."
Who was the last true Caliphate family according to the Sunni? The Umayyads.
What is Jihad. Striving or the inner struggle against evil.
What was the Hijrah. The march from medina to mecha.
What is a pilgrimage to Mecca. A Hajj.
What is a follower of Islam called. A Muslim.
Muslims were interested in ________. Math and science
Muslims encouraged translation of Arabic texts. True
Muslim art couldn't contain pictures of what? People.
Muslim science didn't use logical explanation but _________. Fact
Muslims invented what kind of math? Algebra
The Muslim study of optics allow for _________. Telescopes and microscopes.
The house of wisdom contained? Books.
Whats the holy day of Islam. Friday
What are the five pillars. Daily prayer, Fast on Ramadan, Hajj, Pledge of Islam, Alms for the poor.
Where do Muslims pray? A mosque.
The Ottoman, the Safavid, and the Mughal were the empires that arised after the Muslim empire fell. True
What language is Islam in. Arabic
Created by: Miningboy12