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strong ties among family members kinship
established thriving empire in Mexico Aztec
Movement to reform the Catholic church Reformation
Genoese sailor and early explorer of America Christopher Columbus
one of the mound builder peoples Hopewell
global transfer of goods Columbian Exchange
descendants of the Anasazi Pueblo
religion founded by the prophet Muhammad Islam
What is Colonization? The establishment of distant settlements controlled by the parent country .
What are the Crusades? A series of military expeditions by the Europeans to gain control of holy lands in the Middle East
When were the Crusades? 1096
Who signed the Treaty of Tordesillas in which they agreed to divide the Western Hemisphere between them? Spain and Portugal
Who were the prominent Native American group that inhabited the Northwestern region of what is now the US? Iroquois
The development of what helped put and end to the nomadic way of life? agriculture
What water way separated northern Asia from Alaska? The Bering Strait
The land bridge between Asia and Alaska is called what? Beringia
This group of native people thrived in rain forest and created massive structures Olmec
This group of native people built dynamic culture in Guatemala and Yucatah Maya
This group of native people built the city of Tenochtitlan Aztec
This group of Native Americans thrived in Great Lakes region and built pyramidal mounds Mississippian
What caused the Anasazi to leave their area? Droughts and challenge of new groups
In which region did the Pawnee live? Plains
Name two tribes that probably traded with the Cherokee Tuscarora, Creek, Seminole, Powhatan, Susquehanna, Delaware, Wampanoag, Pequot, Narragansett, Iroquois
What tribes inhabited the area that became California? Kato, Pomo, Chumash
The Native American group that relied most heavily on the sea was the ___________________. Kwakiutl
The Native American group that thrived in the harsh conditions of the American Southwest was the ________________. Pueblo
The Eastern Woodlands was home to the _____________________. Iroquois
Native Americans considered many things commodities to be sold except what? Land
The Kashaya Pomo lived in what is now the state of _________? California
Among the Hopi and Iroquous the household items were owned by the ____________? women
Christopher Columbus and his crew reached the Americas in what year? 1492
Columbus had embarked on his journey for what reason? to find gold; to claim land; to spread Christianity
The number of Africans drained from the Atlantic slave trade, carried on between the 1500s and the 1800s was about ________. 12 million
A "New World" item that made its way to Europe as part of the Columbian Exchange was ______. corn
The native people whom Columbus met first and who would later rebel against his rule were the _____. Taino
Leif Erikson day is celebrated on _________________. Oct. 9
What were the names of Columbus' ships Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
What may have saved Columbus' life a lunar eclipse
How many voyages did Columbus make to the Americas 4
Did Columbus ever set foot in what is now the United States? No
Important aspects of Kwakiutl culture include... totems, fishing, potlatches
Which region of the present-day United States is the native home of the Pueblo? the southwest
The native environment of the Iroquois consisted of woodlands
In the late 1400s, a West African might be enslaved and sent to the island of Principe or São Tomé to work on a Portuguese ___. plantations
In the 1400s, the forest kingdom of ___ dominated a large region around the Niger Delta. Leading the expansion was a forceful oba (ruler) named Ewuare. Benin
State that got its name from the Cherokee villages located there Tennessee
A name originally given to Native Americans that is now controversial redskins
State that got its name from the Chippewa word meaning “large water” Michigan
State that got its name from an Indian word meaning “beautiful water” Oregon
Alqonquin word that means “garlic field” Chicago
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