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Chapter 10 Islam


What event happened in 622 and why? In 622 the Muhammad and his followers left Mecca and went to Yathrib because some of his followers were attacked. This event was called the Hijrah.
What were the main beliefs of Islam. Five Pillars of Islam. The declaration of faith,Allah is the one and only god,you have to give a percentage of your income to the poor.You have to pray in the direction of Mecca 5 times a day.Fasting from sunrise to sunset and pilgrimage to Mecca.
What are the customs and practices other than The five Pillars of Islam that affected their way of life? The Muslims were forbidden to eat pork and drink intoxicating beverages. Friday afternoons are for communal worship.
In what year did Muhammad return to Mecca and what did he do? Muhammad returned in 630 and had the Mecca leaders surrender and he destroyed the idols in the Ka'ba.
When and how did Muhammad's life change? When Muhammad was 40 and he was meditating he heard a voice call to him. According to Muslim belief the voice was the angel Gabriel. He came to believe the Lord who spoke to him through Gabriel was Allah and began to spread his teachings.
What were the meccans afraid of and why? They were afraid of Muhammad's ideas because it might make them lose their position of a pilgrimage center if they converted to monotheism.
What did the Muslims believe about the Qur'an and worship? They believed on the Qur'an in Arabic was the true word of Allah and that worship should only be done in Arabic.
What does Islam,Judaism and Christianity have in common? All three religions believe in one god
Who were the first 4 caliphs and what did they have in common? The first four were Abu-Bakr,Umar,Uthman and Ali. All of them had known Muhammad before he died.
Why were they called the rightly guided caliphs? They used the Qur'an and Muhammad's actions as guide for leadership.
Why were the Muslims successful? The empire to the north of Arabia were in conflict and were exhausted militarily.
Why were the people attracted to Islam? They were attracted to the appeal of the message of Islam and because of the benefits of not having to pay toll tax.
What happened after Ali was assasinated? The Umyyads family took over and changed the simple way of life for caliphs and surrounded themselves with wealth.
Who are the Sunni ? The Sunni were those who didn't outwardly resist the Umyyads rule.
How was muslim society? There were 4 classes.Upper class,second class,tird class and lowest class.
What did the third class consist of? It consisted of the "protected people" that included the Christians and the Jews.
What did the Muslim women have that the European,Chinese and Indian women did not? Muslim women had more economic and property rights.
What did the Qur'an say about women? The Qur'an say " Men are the managers of the affairs of women" but the Qur'an also says they are equal.
What images were discouraged and what did they turn to? Images of living beings were discouraged and so they turned to calligraphy.
How is astronomy important to the religion? The astronomy helped fix the location of cities so worshipers could face in the direction of Mecca.
How did astronomy help Muslim traders? It helped the Muslim traders to navigate where to go to trade.
What class were the converts to Islam? The converts to Islam were second class.
How are religion and the law the same? The religion and the law are the same because the religion is the law.
Who in the Umyyad family escaped when the Abbasids came to power?What happened? The prince Al Abd-Rahman escaped and started the Umyyad Caliphate in spain.
What was the Fatimid Calipahte? This caliphate was formed by the Shi'a who claimed it was descent from Muhammad's daughter fatima.
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