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Culture Changes

Cultural change can be driven by what 3 forces? Discoveries, Inventions, and changes in the natural environment
Examples of this are the wheel and the car. This source of cultural change includes the skills & tools people use Technology (Inventions & Discoveries)
True or False. Where you live can impact cultural change. True. This relates to the changing environment driver.
When people restrict water usage during drought they are adapting to survive. This results in what that drives cultural change? Changing Environment
What new ideas are important cultural drivers today? Global warming and people becoming aware they have the power to destroy the environment (emissions, pollution) or help it (recycling)
What important cause of cultural change involves the movement of people across different regions of the globe? Diffusion
The Syrian refugee crisis that has displaced millions of people across Europe could be considered what important driver of cultural change? Diffusion
Enchiladas, tacos, guacamole and salsa are cultural products that originated in Latin American cuisine and are now prevalent in American cooking as the Latin American population increased in the United States. This movement from is called Cultural Diffusion
McDonald's restaurants in France and Russia are examples of what? Cultural Diffusion
Wherever people travel they exchange three things? Goods, Skills/Services, and Ideas/Technology
True or False. Diffusion can occur through peaceful means. True
True or False. Diffusion can occur by means of war. True.
Adaptation and change usually has what impact on culture? It strengthens it.
Describe the musical evolution that resulted from cultural change that began with African traditions and ended with Rock & Roll. African Tribal traditions -- Slaves brought African spirituals and songs to America -- Blues & Jazz grew from these spirituals and songs -- Rock and Roll grew from the rhythms and instruments of Blues & Jazz
For thousands of years culture has changed slowly or quickly? Mostly slowly. Although the industrial revolution caused a huge leap forward.
What recent technology has quickened the pace of cultural change Computers, Airplanes, Cell phones and Satellites
People's lives have theoretically been improved by the modern advancements in what two areas? Transportation and communications
Give an example of how improved communication and transportation have brought benefits to many people. Better medicine/medical care
New technology can also have a ___________________ effect on a culture. Negative
True or False. New technology can not threaten the foundation of many cultures. False. It CAN be a threat.
The group of people within a culture that share certain beliefs, values & customs is called a_________________ Subculture
Give an example of a distinct that can be distinct or hidden Amish or LGBT community
Why do most people prefer their own culture? Because it is familiar and comfortable
When you judge another culture by the standards of your own culture you would be demonstrating Ethnocentrism
Give an example of Ethnocentristm Greeks considered anyone who did not speak Greek to be barbarians
The belief system that insists that one racial group is superior to another is called Racism
Racism commonly occurs when groups of people compete for what four things? Food, land, money, social power
How did Europeans justify slavery? Racism
What can help combat the effects of racism? cultural appreciation
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