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SPMT 217

Exam #1 Review

Where was the Birthplace of modern sports and sports management? England
Who were two female sports managers that contributed to the industry, specifically the NCAA Organization? Judy Sweet and Christine Grant
What University created the first Master's Degree Program in Sports Management in 1966? Ohio State University
What Organization's purpose is to promote, stimulate, and encourage the study, research, scholarly writing, and professional development in the area of sports management? North American Society for Sport Management or NASSM
What Organization's purpose is to promote and recognize excellence in sports management education in colleges and universities? Commission on Sport Management Accreditation or COSMA
Who was the first true pioneer of management theory? Frederick Taylor
Taylor's Book, "The Principles of Scientific Management," laid the foundation for what movement? The Scientific Management Movement
What was the second major phase in management theory that transformed the focus of management thinking onto the behavior of people and the human component in the workplace? Human Relations Movement
What field is involved with the study and application of the human side of management and organization? Organizational Behavior
What are the four functional areas of management? Planning, Organizing, Leading, Evaluating
Which functional area of management defines organizational goals and determines the means to achieve these desired goals? Planning
Which functional area of management puts plans into action? Organizing
Which functional area of management focuses on the managerial process of delegation? Leading
Which functional area of management measures progress towards organizational objectives? Evaluating
Name four key skills that are needed to be a successful sports manager. (Pick Four) People Skills, Communication Skills, Managing Diversity, Managing Technology, Decision Making, Organizational Politics, Managing Change, Motivation, Taking Initiative
What term refers to the act of encouraging employees to take initiative and make decisions within their area of operations? Empowerment
What includes the marketing of (1) products, (2) services and experiences, (3) entities such as leagues and teams, and (4) the recruitment and retention of volunteers? Sports Marketing
What term describes the group of consumers to whom a product is marketed? Target Markets
True or False: Sports managers must be able to treat all people fairly, ethically, and with respect. True
True or False: A key skill in sports marketing is communication True
What term describes the acquisition of rights to affiliate or directly associate with a product or event for the purpose of deriving benefits related to the affiliation? Sponsorship
True or False: "pass-by interviews" are capitalizing on the good will associated with an event without becoming an official sponsor. False Ambushing Marketing is capitalizing on good will without being an official sponsor.
What are the four P's of the marketing mix? Product, Price, Place, Promotion
What term refers to identifying sub groups of overall marketplace based on factors including: race, ethnicity, geography, and lifestyle? Segmentation
What term refers to the sense of belongingness to an organization? Fan Identification
True or False: Relationship Marketing has the aim of building mutually satisfying long-term relations with key parties in order to earn and retain business. True
Who was the founder of the first sports marketing firm, IMG, in the 1960s? Mark McCormack
True or False: Development and Cultivation of a positive image is becoming increasingly important in sport marketing. True
Funds raised by an organization through a variety or sources including tickets, merchandise, and services are called? Revenue
True or False: Profit are funds spent to operate an organization such as salaries, equipment, and utilities. False Expenses are funds spent
What is the term for the financial statement that summarizes an organization's assets, liabilities, and owner's equity? Balance Sheet
Name two of the Agent's Fiduciary Duties (Pick Two) To obey, To remain loyal, To exercise care, To notify, To account
These two Amendments gave the right to Due Process 4th and 14th Amendments
What are the responsibilities of the DIM Process? To Develop, Implement, and Manage risk
What term describes an injury or wrong suffered as a result of another's improper conduct? Tort
When a contract "promise"is broken Breach
A specific type of contract in which participant gives up right to sue waiver and releases
The 14th Amendment states this right; no person shall be discriminated against unless a constitutionally permissible reason for discrimination exists Equal Protection
This Act, also called the Anti-Trust Law, was instituted in 1890 with the goal of promoting competition in the free market by breaking up business trusts and monopolies and prohibiting anti-competitive activity by businesses Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890
This law provides monetary damages to compensate an injured person Tort Law
True or False: Negligence is an unintentional tort and is the most common tort that sport managers encounter True
What process occurs when a plaintiff challenges a rule in sport organization and the court determines whether it should review the sport organization's decision? Judicial Review
What term defines practical conflict involving equally compelling values or social obligations? Ethical Dilemma
What is the process of making a correct and fair decision? Ethical Reasoning
What are the two perspectives concerning academic discussions of morality? Absolutism and Relativism
The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) is comprised of 3 key structural components. Name the three components. Legislative Body, National Council, Board of Directors
What association organizes state championships and competitions in athletics and is also the final authority in determining eligibility? State Associations
What organization focuses administrative efforts on promoting participation in particular sports among children? National Youth League Organizations
True or False: Hiring, Supervising, and Evaluating Coaches, as well as Coordinating facets of contest management, are responsibilities of an Athletic Trainer False Those are the responsibilities of the Athletic Director
True or False: Providing timely medical treatment to participants is the responsibility of the Athletic Director False That is the responsibility of the Athletic Trainer
True or False: Facing complex human resource issues, dealing with the pressure to win, working long hours with little to no pay, and having to be certified through the state association are responsibilities of the Coach True
This concept describes how legal monopolies create greater bargaining power by charging higher prices because they face no direct competition from rival leagues Economics of Sports
Created by: Tyler_Tolopka
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