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FMS 8th Ch 14

U.S. History

Nativists Americans and others who opposed immigration.
Middle Class A social and economic level between the wealthy and the poor.
Tenements Poorly designed apartment buildings that house large numbers of people
Utopian Communities Groups of people who tried to form a perfect society.
Second Great Awakening A Christian renewal movement.
Temperance Movement A reform that urged people to use self-discipline to stop drinking hard liquor.
Dorothea Dix A middle class reformer who worked on reforming prisons.
Abolition A complete end to slavery.
William Lloyd Garrison Abolitionist--published the Liberator an abolitionist newspaper. Helped found the American Anti-Slavery Society.
Frederick Douglas Former slave--escaped from slavery. One of the most important African American Leaders.
Harriet Tubman Former slave-- traveled through U.S. and preached the truth about slavery and women's rights. Conductor of the Underground Railroad.
Underground Railroad A network of people who arranged transportation and hiding place for fugitives or escaped slaves.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Advocate for women's suffrage. She helped Lucretia Mott organize the Seneca Falls Convention.
Lucretia Mott Advocate for women's suffrage. She helped Elizabeth Cady Staton organize the Seneca Falls Convention.
Seneca Falls Convention The first public meeting about women's rights held in the U.S.
Declaration of Sentiments This document detailed beliefs about social injustice toward women.
Susan B. Anthony American social reformer, she was active in the temperance, abolitionist, and women's suffrage movements.
Irish Potato Famine A disease to potatoes that left many families in Ireland with little food. Millions of Irish people died. Many more fled to the U.S.
Sojouner Truth Powerful supporter of both abolition and women's rights. Never learned to read or write
Created by: Stoll FMS