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United States Events


1803 Louisiana Purchase Jefferson Manifest Destiny
1818 Abolished International Slave Trade Jefferson (blank)
1814 No longer believed U.S. Indians would benefit from U.S. expansion Madison (blank)
1819 Adams-Onis Treaty cedes Florida from Spain Monroe (blank)
1819 Missouri applied for admission Monroe (blank)
1820 Missouri Compromise Monroe Missouri/Maine
1820 Boom period until 1830's Monroe (blank)
1820 National unity deteriorates until 1850 Monroe (blank)
1821 People started moving to Texas Monroe (blank)
1824 Increase in tariffs (1) Monroe (blank)
1828 Increase in tariffs (2) Adams 'tariff of abominations'- Calhoun
1830 Indian Removal Act Jackson (blank)
1832 Increase in tariffs (3) Jackson 'null and void'- South Carolina
1833 Threatened invasion of South Carolina Jackson (blank)
1835 Excess of money. Result of 'Boom' Period Jackson (blank)
1835 Texans push for independence Jackson (blank)
1836 Depression until 1840's Jackson (blank)
1836 Whig party formed Jackson (blank)
1836 Texan war Jackson Santa Anna invades Texas and is defeated
1840 Expansion was enthusiastic Van Buren (Whig) (blank)
1845 'Reannexation of Texas, reoccupation of Oregon' Polk (blank)
1845 Manifest Destiny Polk (blank)
1845 Sent Slidell to negotiate with Mexico about California and New Mexico Polk (blank)
1846 54'40' or fight. Or not. - Oregon Treaty Polk (blank)
1846 Wilmot Proviso Polk (blank)
1846 Mexican War begins Polk (blank)
1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (Trist) Polk (blank)
1849 California Gold Rush Taylor (blank)
1850 California a state Taylor (blank)
1850 Oregon a territory Taylor (blank)
1850 Deseret a future state Taylor (blank)
1850 1850 Comprimise Taylor (blank)
1850 The Georgia Platform Fillmore (blank)
1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin Pierce (blank)
1853 Gadsden Purchase Pierce (blank)
1853 Kansas-Nebraska Act Pierce (blank)
1854 Bleeding Kansas Pierce Stephen Douglas
1854 Wants to annex Cuba twice Pierce (blank)
1856 John Brown's first raid- killing 5 Buchanon (blank)
1857 Dred Scott Case Buchanon (blank)
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