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Immigrants & Cities

Push Factors A negative factor that causes someone to leave their homeland
Pull Factors A factor in another country that serves as a magnet, attracting someone to immigrate there
Ellis Island Immigration processing station on east coast / processed European immigrants
Angel Island Immigration processing station on west coast/ rough place / detained Asian immigrants
First Wave Immigrant Immigrants who arrived in late 1700s/early 1800s mostly from Northwestern Europe (literate/skilled/protestant)
Second Wave Immigrant Immigrants arriving 1870-1920 mostly from Southeastern Europe and Asia (illiterate/unskilled/Catholic)
Gold Mountain Nickname Asian immigrants gave U.S.
assimilate To blend in; to become similiar
Melting Pot Theory Theory in which full assimilation required dropping ones culture and becoming a new American.
Mixed Salad Theory Theory that celebrates multiculturalism in America; immigrants may maintain culture; diversity is a national strength.
Nativism Dislike of foreigners; dislike of immigrants
Xenophobia Fear of anything perceived as different, foreign, strange.
Urbanization Growth of cities
Katherine Mauer Angel of Angel Island; showed kindness and compassion to immigrants detained at Angel Island
ethnic neighborhood An area of a city that has a higher concentration of a certain ethnicity or cultural group
Asian Immigrants Targets of most severe nativism
Chinese Exclusion Act Law passed stating Chinese immigrants would not be granted access into America between 1882-1892
Gentleman's Agreement Agreement between U.S and Japan regarding flow of immigrants and school segregation laws in San Francisco
Americanization Movement Government funded education effort to "Americanize" immigrants; teach them how to be American.
naturalization The process of fulfilling the requirements set by Congress for a foreign born person to become an American citizen.
Emma Lazarus American poet who wrote "The New Colossus" - placed at the base of the Statue of Liberty.
cultural diffusion Process of cultures coming in contact with each other and exchanging aspects of culture (language/food/dress/holidays)
Chicago The fastest growing city in America due to its central location and access to waterways and railways. Catastrophic fire in 1871.
urban problems fire,crime, filth, disease, congestion, overcrowding
mass transit Public transportation in urban areas; subways, electric streetcars
tenement An overcrowded and run-down apartment building.
Social Gospel Movement A religious movement in the late 19th century that linked Christianity with good deeds to help less fortunate.
Jane Addams Social reform worker who dedicated her life to helping urban poor in Chicago through her settlement house.
settlement house building in an inner-city area providing educational, recreational, and other social services to the community.
Hull House America's first settlement house. Located in Chicago. Founded by Jane Addams.
Jacob Riis Photographer who exposed deplorable urban living conditions.
How the Other Half Lives Book written by Jacob Riis. Focused on urban slums. Shocked people and led to social changes to improve urban living conditions.
urban planning the design and layout of a city; turn of century designs made parks and green spaces a priority
Frederick Law Olmsted "Father of urban planning"; designed Central Park and 500 other urban parks worldwide
1893 Worlds Fair Chicago selected to showcase rebuilt city landscape after fire; White City, Ferris Wheel, Juicy Fruit, serial killer
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