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8th grade

history test 1

What was the Protestant Reformation Split between the Catholic and Protestant
What was the Northwest Passage The passage between the Atlantic and Pacific
Who traded furs, guns, and other tools to Native Americans? French
What started the Representative Government in America House of Burgesses
Who defeated the Aztecs in Mexico Cortes
Land grants called ____ let settlers demand labor or taxes from Native Americans Conquistadors
What was the lowest class in the Spanish colonies? Mulattos
What Native American was a big part in helping the English colonist grow food? Squanto
____was the first document in which colonist claimed the right of self government Mayflower Compact
What difference did the Puritans and Pilgrims have in their journey to the New World Puritans wanted to own new land
What area was wanted for the fertile lands and recourses before the 7 years war? Ohio River Valley
Which group founded Pennsylvania and Delaware Quakers
What jobs or recourses were the Middle Colonies known for? Great farm land
A colony created by a grant of land from a monarch to an individual or family Proprietary Colony
The ___ was formed to protect the colonies from Spain and also fro debters Georgia
_____and ____ promoted the growth of slavery. Tobacco, rice
Who wrote Poor Richard's Almanack Benjamin Franklin
____is the idea of maximizing exports and minimizing imports Mercantilism
what was triangular trade? Ships go from Africa to America and then to Erope
what is this test
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