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Kendall - Three Colonies

Who was sent by Queen Elizabeth I to form a new colony in North America? Sir Walter Raleigh
Define, Charter. a document allowing colonists to live on land owned by another country
What year was the 1st attempt made to create a colony at Roanoke? 1585
Why did the 1st attempt to create a colony at Roanoke fail? it was due to hunger and bad relations with the Native Americans
How many of the original colonist decided to return home? all but 15
What year was a second attempt made to colonize Roanoke? 1587
What happened to all of the original colonists who had chosen to stay behind? they were killed
Who was Roanoke's first governor? John White
During the 2nd attempt who else was brought over as colonists? women & children
Who was born on August 18th, 1587? Virginia Dare
Who was Virginia Dare? She was the 1st English baby born in North America
Why did the governor of Roanoke return to England? to get supplies for the colony
Who was the English fleet fighting with when the governor of Roanoke returned? the Spanish armada
What year did the governor return to Roanoke to find the colonists were all gone? 1590
What was found on one the trees in Roanoke? the word "Croatoan" was carved on the tree
The colonists were never found. What did Roanoke become known as? The Lost Colony
In 1606, who granted the Virginia Company permission to start another colony? King James
Where was the colony Jamestown located? Virginia
What were the 3 ships sent to bring colonists to Jamestown? Susan Constant, Godspeed, & Discovery
What caused significant problems for the early colonists in Jamestown? the colonist didn't know how to plant food
How did the Powhatans survive? fishing, hunting and farming
Who built the Powhatan lodges? the women
Who was the leader of the Jamestown colony that was saved by Pocahontas? John Smith
What type of leader was John Smith? he was a hard leader
Who married Pocahontas? John Rolfe
What did John Rolfe find a way to harvest and help it to become on of the state's cash crops? tobacco
Define, indentured servant. someone who agreed to work for another for a specified amount of time in exchange for travel expenses or land
Who settled in Plymouth? the Pilgrims
Why did the Pilgrims leave England? to escape religious persecution
While still on board the ship, who signed the Mayflower Compact? William Bradford
Where is Plymouth located? the current state of Massachusetts
Who helped the Pilgrims survive the first hard years at Plymouth? Samoset & Squanto
In October 1621, the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans to a three day feast to thank them. What did this celebration become known as? Thanksgiving
Created by: ndmsteach
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