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ss 7

Anti-Semitism discrimination against Jews
Partition to divide
Holocaust the systematic mass murder of Jews and other by Nazis during World war 2
Zionism the belief that Jews should have a country in their ancient homeland of Israel-Palestine
Taliban A radical group of Muslims that controlled the government of Afghanistan and gave safe harbor to al Qaeda and bin Laden
Osama bin Laden Leader of al Qaeda terrorist group that organized the attack mon september11,2001
al Qaeda terrorist organization that launched the September 11 attack on the US , as well as other attacks.
Saddam Hussein The president (dictator) of Iraq
What happened to the Ottoman Empire after WWI? Why? Who drew the new boundaries? The Ottoman empire sided with the Central Powers during WW1 and lost. The empire collapsed after the war, and European politicians divided up the land
What territories did Britain gain at the end of WWI? Why did they want to keep them? Palestine, Iraq, trans -Jordan, Egypt, Sudan; to search for oil
What did the British promise the Arabs In exchange for taking down the Ottoman Empire . Support for Arab independence , their own Arab nation .
Who created Israel in 1948? The united nations created Israel in 1948 as a homeland for Jews that were displaced after WW2
List for reasons why Israel was created for the Jews? Religious and historical connection to Palestine, anti-Semitism, Holocaust, and Zionism.
How did the European partitioning of the Ottoman Empire create conflict in SW Asia? The Europeans that drew the border between countries did not pay attention to ethnic or religious groups or Historical boundaries which has created many problems
How did Palestinian Arabs feel about the creation of Israel? Palestinian Arabs were not happy with the creation of Israel because they felt that their land was being taken away.
How did the Palastine's react when Israel was created? Who are the Palestinians allies? The Palestine's were angry and attacked Israel with their allies ( other arab countries in SW Asia )
What was the outcome of the 1948 ward that occurred after Israel was created ? Israel won and gain more territory .
Why has the creation of Israel caused problems and SW Asia? The creation of Israel has caused conflict because both Palestinians and Israelites believed that the land is there's
How did the British play a role in these problems? The British promised the land in Palestine to both the Palestinian Arabs and the Jews .
What is the what is the main US main economic interest in SW Asia? Oil
What caused the Persian golf war? How was the US involved? Iraq invaded Kuwait in order to gain axis to the Persian gulf and Important oil fields. The US fought along side Kuwait and other allies to force Iraqi forces out of Kuwait.
What caused the US to invade Afghanistan? on September 11,2001 the attack was carried out in Afghanistan by al Qaeda then the US invaded to kill or capture bin laden and to destroy al Qaeda and to remove tabilaban from power
Why did the US launch operation Iraq Freedom The US saw Suddam Hussein a threat so they invaded to remove him from power.
Put the 3 recent wars in SW Asia in order. Persian gulf war ;war in Afghanistan; operation Iraq freedom
How are the Persian gulf war and operation Iraq freedom similar . How are they different both was took place in Iraq and Suddam Hussein was the leader of both wars the difference was the Persian gulf war was shorter than Operation Iraq freedom.
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