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Mrs.Citrin Chapter 17 American Journey

Scalawag name given by former Confederates to Southern whites who supported Republican Reconstruction of the South
Carpetbagger northerner who moved to the South after the Civil War
Poll tax a tax of fixed amount per person that had to be paid before the person could vote
Amnesty the granting of pardon to a large number of persons
Reconstruction the reorganization and rebuilding of the former Confederate states after the Civil War
Literacy Test a method used to prevent African Americans from voting by requiring prospective voters to read and write at a specified level
Grandfather Clause a clause that allowed individuals who did not pass the literacy test to vote if their fathers or grandfathers had voted before Reconstruction began
Impeach to formally charge a public official with misconduct in office
Integrate to end separation of different races and bring into equal membership in society
Lynching putting to death a person by the illegal action of a mob
Radical extreme
Cash crop farm crop raised to be sold for money
Override to overturn or defeat
Corruption dishonest or illegal actions
Created by: Mrs.Citrin
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