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10 Levels of History

Examples of Geographical history Movement (i.e. traveling for your job, to be close with family.), environment (i.e. animals, trees, fresh air, anything non-man made.), rivers (i.e. some of the early civilizations lived around major rivers because of the natural nutrients.), maps (i.e. major cities, travel routes, physical features.)
Level Two Medical History
How do we _________ injured __________? treat injured persons
Examples of Medical History Nursing (i.e. women would volunteer to help the military during the World War.), Stitches (i.e. Many years ago they used ants to seal wounds and now we use many different types of stitches like butterfly stitches, adhesive, and staples.), Hospitals (i. e. People used to give birth and do surgeries at home. Now if you are in labor or you need to have surgery done you have to go to the hospital.), Cancer (i.e. During around 3000 B.C. there was no cure for cancer, today there are some cures for certain types of cancer but most often there isn’t any cures.)
Level Three Artistic History
How shall we _______ ourselves? express
Examples of artistic history Writing (i.e. poems, stories, essays, biographies.), dancing (i.e. ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, contemporary.), instruments (i.e. guitar, saxophone, violin, trumpet, flute, drums.), athletics (i.e. basketball, soccer, wrestling, baseball, softball, football.)
Level Four Military History
How do we ________ and ______ our freedoms? defend and protect our freedoms.
Examples of military history United States Air Force, United States Army, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, United States Coast Guard.
Level Five Spiritual History
What is the meaning of _____? life
Examples of spiritual history Faith, belief, importance, practices (i.e. prayer, meditation, church, synagogue.), restrictions (i.e. some things that your religion forbids.)
Level Six Political History
Who shall be in ______? charge
Examples of political history Presidents (i.e. Ronald Reagan, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt.), protests (i.e. racial protests, national anthem protests.), equality (i.e. treating everyone fairly besides their gender, race, ethnicity, size.), dictatorship (i.e. to be ruled by someone.)
Level Seven Intellectual History
How shall we _______? learn
Examples of intellectual history Aural (i.e. sound and music.), physical (i.e. body, hands, feet, fingers, toes.), logical (i.e. in your head or using common sense.), social (i.e. working in groups or with a partner.)
Level Eight Cultural History
What defines ______ we are and how we ________? who we are and how we live.
Examples of cultural history Socialization (i.e. language, religion, ethnicity.), beliefs (i.e. religion, holidays, weekends and weekdays.), location (i.e. clothing, food, religion, leisure time.), antiperspirants (i.e. some cultures do not believe in deodorant therefore they do not use it.)
Level Nine Economic History
How shall we ___? eat
Examples of economic history Businesses (i.e. Amazon, Target, Wegmans, Wawa.), bank (i.e. deposit or withdraw.), music (i.e. CD’s, concerts, posters, merchandise.), pet (i.e. dog, cat, horse, bird, snake, lizard, pig, cow.)
Level Ten Social History
How shall we _______ to one another? realate
Examples of social history Spending time together (i.e. going to the mall, sleepovers, parties, vacations.), online video chatting (i.e. skype, oovoo, facetime.), career (i.e. boss, manager, co-workers, clients, customers.), exercise activities (i.e. gym, yoga, dance, wrestling, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball.)
Level One Geographical History
How do we ______ and define our _______ _________? locate and define our natural surroundings.
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