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Unit 2

Key ideas from the Colonial Era - Review

What happened in 1607? Jamestown was founded
Why was Jamestown important? Jamestown was the first English colony in North America
What group came to America aboard the Mayflower? Pilgrims
Who was Roger Williams? Roger Williams left Massachusetts and founded Rhode Island
Why did Roger Williams leave Massachusetts? He wanted to get government out of religion.
Who was Anne Hutchinson? Anne Hutchinson also left Massachusetts and helped start Rhode Island
Who was Thomas Hooker? Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut.
Why did Thomas Hooker found Connecticut? He wanted to get the government out of religion
Which of the original 13 colonies was originally owned by the Dutch? New York
Which of the original 13 colonies was founded as a place for Quakers? Pennsylvania
Which of the original 13 colonies was founded as a place for Catholics? Maryland
What happened in 1620? The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth (later Massachusetts)
Which colony was first suggested as a colony for English debtors? Georgia
What do the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut and the Virginia House of Burgesses have in common? Both are early steps in self-government
Why was Jamestown founded? Jamestown was all about making money for its English investors.
Why was the English king interested in creating a colony in Georgia? He wanted a buffer zone between the Spanish in Florida and his other American colonies.
What did the French want in North America? The French wanted beaver furs because they were valuable in Europe.
What is mercantilism? An economic concept supporting colonization; the mother country uses colonies for their resources and gets rich
What is a region? an area of land, states or colonies that have similar resources and climate
What is a cash crop? something grown in large quantities, intended to be sold for profit
What does New England look like? Rocky soil; long cold winters; forests
What do the Southern colonies look like? Flat and wet; long, hot summers; wide rivers that were good for irrigating crops
What do the middle colonies look like? Good farmland along the coasts, mountains and forests as you go inland.
What is the Magna Carta? a document from England in 1215 which limited the power of the king for the first time.
What was the Great Awakening? a movement in the early 1700s which brought religion back to the forefront of Early American culture
Why was the Great Awakening important? It united the 13 colonies for the first time and set the stage for independence from England.
Created by: DuncanvilleYoung