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13 colonies review

Benhamin Sherman 13 Colonies Review

Who was John Smith Leader of Jamestown colony. Helped colony survive from diseases caused by insects.
Who was William Penn Always treated Native American with respect. Leader of the Pennsylvania Colony.
Who was Thomas Hooker "Father of Connecticut"
Who was James Oglethrope Leader of the George Colony. Always believed in helping the poor. Made a home for debtors.
What do Quakers believe? That all people are equal in God's eyes.
Who were considered only 2/3 of a person. Enslaved Africans
Who was useful as a slave because they were not as likely to be killed by diseases? African Americans
What were some hardships that people in New England (the puritan / pilgrims) had to face? Very harsh winters.
Who helped the pilgrims survive? Native Americans.
Who were the first European Colony in the area we now call New York? Dutch
What document established laws that would be just and apply to all. Mayflower Compact
What began a tradition of Representative Government in the English colonies? The Virginia House of Burgesses
List all the 13 colonies New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey New York Maryland North Carolina Georgia South Caronlina Virginia
List all three regions English Colony Middle Colony Southern Colony (Eat Mouthfuls Snow)
List the Middle Colonies Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey New York
List the Southern Colonies Maryland North Carolina Georgia South Caronlina Virginia
List the English Colonies New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island
Characteristics of the Middle Colonies (safe haven) Religion: Quakers Climate: warm summers and cold winters Economy: Mercantilism, craftsman, sailors, unskilled workers, little farming / plantations
Characteristics of the English Colonies Religion: Puritan (strict) Climate: Cold Economy: traded goods for fishing, ship building, triangular slave trade. **""Relied on the Atlantic Ocean""
Characteristics of the Southern Colonies Religion: Baptists / Methodists, church of England, Anglican Climate: hot warm moist climate Economy: farmers of cash crops of indigo, tar, turpentine, fish and forest, slave trade
The "power purse" was important to colonial legislature because it allowed the legislature to check the power of the governor. Colonial Legislature
Roanoke First Settlement in North American the Europeans established.
1607 was significant because of what reason 1607; first successful colony in North America called Jamestown
When was the declaration of Independence 1776; document stating that the 13 colonies were a free and independent nation
What doe the growing season mean? a time of year that crops grow
What does export mean? a product sent to another country to be sold
What does import mean? a product brought into a country
Geographic Condition defines what with the three regions? The difference between the three regions of the British Colonies
Features of the Southern colonies Few cities, plantations, long growing seasons, and tidewater areas
New England, Middle, and Southern The 13 British colonies were broken up into these three geographic regions
What was an Indenture servant someone who sold their labor in exchange for the cost of the trip from Europe to the colonies. "works without wages to pay off what they owe"
the main export produced in the southern colonies tobacco and rice
the study of the world's people and places Geography
New England colonies geographic conditions trade, short growing season, shipbuilding, fishing, rocky soil
New York not a Southern colony
Geographic conditions/features of Middle colonies navigable rivers, large farms, moderate growing season, and trade
What is a plantation a large farm on which crops are raised.
Life in the New England Region center around this water
These are the 3 major jobs in the New England Region Fishing, Whaling Shipbuilding
This is the reason why colonies in the New England Region were formed religious freedom
This how people got their food in New England fishing
This is the 1st Constitution in the Colonies Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Who created the fundamental order of conneticut Thomas Hooker
This was the founder of Rhode Island who founded Rhode Island for Religious Freedom Roger Williams
This woman questioned the Puritan Church and was kicked out of Massachusetts Anne Hutchinson
Life in the Southern Region centered around this Agriculture
This is what the farms produced in the Southern Region Cash Crops
Someone who is forced to work on a plantation down South slaves
These 3 things are unique to ONLY the Southern Region Long Growing Season, Tobacco, & Slaves
Transferring of slaves, cash crops, and manufactured goods between West Africa, American colonies and the European colonial powers Triangular Trade
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