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Unit 1 US History

Organized body of armed volunteers Militia
Nations that assist one another in a time of need Alliance
Officials are elected to make government decisions for the people Representative democracy
Conflict that was caused by the struggle for the land in the Ohio River Valley French and Indian War
Plans or laws made by government to rule over their colonies Imperial Policies
Organized campaign to refuse to buy or use certain goods or services Boycott
A company that controls all or nearly all of a business in a particular industry Monopoly
To cancel Repeal
The creator of the Albany Plan of Union and Join or Die political cartoon Benjamin Franklin
What were the two types of consequences to the French and Indian War? Economic and Political
The creation of taxes to repay the French and Indian War expenses would be an example of this type of consequence economic
As a result of the French and Indian War colonists begin to feel more separate from Britain
The "Boston Massacre Engraving" by Paul Revere is an example of what propaganda
Why did the colonists resent the Stamp Act and other imperial policies? Because they did not think Britain had the right to tax them
The Albany Plan of Union tried to unite the colonists
Why did colonists dislike the Tea Act? It established a British monopoly on tea
Author of "Liberty or Death" speech Patrick Henry
What was the main point of the speech "Liberty or Death"? War has to happen
What did the battles of Lexington and Concord mark the start of? The first colonists armed resistance that starts the Revolutionary War
Why did the British Parliament and King George III create the Coercive Acts? To punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party
The passing of the imperial policies showed that Britain ____ the colonists controlled
What policy (law) developed out of conflict with Native Americans after the French and Indian War? Proclamation of 1763
What causes Sons of Liberty members to start protests? Passing of imperial policies
What event lead to the Boston Tea Party? Passing of the Tea Act
How did many colonists respond to the Intolerable Acts? They start the Revolutionary War
What kind of consequence was the Proclamation Line of 1763? Political
To increase in communication between the colonies, colonists formed the Committees of Correspondence
The main goal of the Albany Plan of Union and the political cartoon Join or Die was to unite the colonists in one government
What was Paul Revere hoping to do with his piece of propaganda "Boston Massacre Engraving"? Turn the colonists against the British, make the colonists look innocent
The colonies are a part of Britain and members of Parliament represented the interests of all people in the British Empire, would this be a thought from a British person or colonist? British
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