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Age of Exploration

Europe Continent from which the explorers came
Indian Ocean Body of water between Africa, Asia and Australia
Vespucci Last name of Spanish explorer for whom America is named
Pacific Ocean Megellan underestimated its size
Casalle Frenchman who explored the lower Mississippi River Valley
Dias The first Portuguese sea captain to reach the southern tip of Africa
Spain First country to establish colonies in the New World
Millions lived in North America in 1492 Indians
maps Drawn by early travelers and explorers.
JG Initials for the inventor of movable type
Leif Ericson Viking sea captain
SA Abbreviation for one of the continents
tribe A group of Indians that shared a common ancestry, language, culture, and name.
west Direction Columbus sailed from Europe.
Africa Continent south of Europe
compass Navigation Instrument
sea Mediterranean ___________________.
Philippine Megallan claimed the __________________ Islands for Spain.
Gunpowder Chinese invention that helped the Europeans conquer the Indians.
Aztecs Their capital was Tenochtitlan
Cano After Magellan's death, Juan Sebastian del __________________ led the expedition back to Spain.
first Americans What the Indians were.
west Columbus discovered the _________________ Indies.
North America Continent reached by the Vikings about 1000AD.
Maya Indian tribe of Central America with a highly developed civilization.
west Columbus thought he had reached the __________________ Indies of the Asian mainland.
Eastern Asia, Australia, and most of Europe and Africa are in the ________________ Hemisphere.
Asia The world's largest continent
explorers People who travel to new and distant lands.
deGama First Portuguese explorer to reach India
Turks The Crusaders wanted to recapture the Holy Land from the Muslim __________________.
lines Latitude and longitude
Atlantic Ocean crossed by most of the explorers
new __________________ world
Vikings Sea warriors from northern Europe
San Salvador Island reached by Columbus on Oct. 12, 1492
Incas Indians of Peru conquered by Pizarro
Australia The smallest continent
Indies The West ____________________ are south of Florida
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