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Environmental issues in Europe

acid rain pollution from factories and vehicles combined with rain that falls to the earth and decays buildings and statues, pollutes rivers, destroys vegetation, and kills wildlife.
air pollution smoke from factories and cars or any vehicle's exhaust system
smog smoke and fog combined
Great Smog of 1952 People in London, England couldn't see what was in front of them for 4 days because the smog was so bad. Transportation slowed down and crime increased.
Effects of air pollution on humans asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, sore eyes and throat, headaches, skin diseases
Effects of air pollution on environment crops and forests are damaged; ozone layer is destroyed; creates acid rain and can block out the sun
Chernobyl, Ukraine the location of one of the world's worst nuclear disasters on April 26, 1986; millions of people, animals, and the environment were exposed to unsafe radiation levels
United Kingdom known for its air pollution (in the top 10 for worst polluters caused by industrial emissions)
Germany Place where acid rain caused the destruction of many of its forests; promised to increase use of clean, renewable energy by 20%
Primary causes of air pollution vehicle exhaust (car exhaust), factory emissions, deforestation
exclusion zone a 30 mile radius around the nuclear plant at Chernobyl where humans are not allowed to enter without government permission
smokeless zones areas in the United Kingdom where only fuels that produce no smoke are allowed to be used
nuclear reactor a machine used at nuclear power plants to generate electricity
Effects of air pollution on animals causes animals to migrate from their natural habitat; causes diseases, damages animals' natural habitat
What happens when exposed to radiation? it causes mutations in cells, abnormalities and birth defects which can be passed from one generation to the next in both humans and animals
After-effects of Chernobyl nuclear disaster 1/10 of the land and over a million people were exposed to unsafe radiation levels, winds blew radiation to other countries causing widespread contamination, drinking water unsafe for months, livestock and wildlife contaminated causing food shortages
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