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Unit 1

Hypothalamus maintenance; emotion and reward, govern endocrine
Cerebral Cortex ultimate control and information processing center
Fronta Lobes speaking/ muscle movements planning and judgement
Parietal Lobes touch/ position
Occipital vision
Temporal Lobes hearing
Motor Cortex voluntary movement
somatosensory cortex body movement touch/sensations
Hallucination false sensory experience
Association Areas higher mental functions in cerebral cortex
Plasticity changes in brain by reorganizing after damage builds new pathways
Corpus Callosum neural fibers connecting left and right brain
Split Brain 2 brian hemispheres are isolated
Consciousness awareness of self and environment
Alpha Waves slow brain waves relaxed/ awake state
Delta Waves large, slow brain waves deep sleep
Insomnia recurring problems trying to sleep
Narcolepsy uncontrollable sleep attacks
Manifest Content remembered story line of a dream
Latent Content underlying meaning of a dream
Wish Satisfaction hidden meaning with unconfronted desires
Information Processing sort out day's events by consolidating the meaning
Neural Preservation and Development brain stimulation from REM sleep
Neural Activation REM sleep triggers neural activities
Cognitive Development dreams reflect knowledge and understanding
REM Rebound REM sleep increases after REM sleep deprivation
Axon sends messages to other neurons and cells
Dendrites receive messages and conduct them towards the body
Cell Body life support center
Myelin Sheath speeds neural impulses
Action Potential nerve impulse
Nervous System electrochemical communication network
Central Nervous System brain and spinal cord
Peripheral Nervous System sensory and motor neurons connecting CNS to body
Sensory Neuron neuron carries information from sensory receptors to CNS
Motor Neuron carries info from CNS to muscles/ glands
Somatic Nervous System skeletal muscles
Autonomic Nervous System glands and muscles
Sympathetic Nervous System arouses body during stressful situations
Parasympathetic Nervous System calms body conserving energy
Reflex automatic response to stimuli
Endocrine System secrete hormones into bloodstream to maintain homeostasis
Brainstem oldest part of brain automatic survival
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