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Government doesn't interfere with business Laissez faire
An economy goes from agriculture to making things in factories Industrialization
People who don't want any more immigrants here Nativists
Be more like most of the people around you Assimilate
Businesses that get rid of their competition Monopolies
When very rich business owners were mean and took advantage of people Robber barons
People who give away their money Philanthropists
Cities grow and grow Urbanization
Workers join together to get better pay and conditions Labor unions
When people have to stay separated from each other Segregation
The Supreme Court case that said segregation was okay Plessy v. Ferguson
Laws in the South that made whites and black stay separated Jim Crow
Farmers started a political party to get the dollar tied to silver. Populist Party
The legislation (law) that made railroads be fair to everyone Interstate Commerce Act
The legislation (law) that let the government bust up monopolies Sherman Anti-Trust Act
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