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Jacksonian Democracy

History Test 2 Jacksonian Democracy

What is the date for Jacksonian Democracy? 1829-1837
What was Andrew Jackson's nickname? Old Hickory
When did he become a hero? He became a hero during the War of 1812
What was unique about his election as president? He was the first president not from the original thirteen colonies.
How did the people regard him? He was a man of the people.
At this time, who was able to vote? The only people able to vote at this time were males who owned property.
Who was able to vote after Jackson became president? All adult males were able to vote after Jackson became president.
How did Jackson encourage his supporters after his election? Jackson gave supporters federal jobs following his election.
How did Jackson control legislation that he opposed? Jackson used the VETO to control legislation he opposed.
What was Jackson willing to do to preserve a strong nation? Jackson was willing to take military action to preserve the nation.
Why did Jackson remove control of federal money? He strongly believed in free enterprise.
Who were three important statesmen during this time? Henry Clay (the "Great Compromiser")John Calhoun, Daniel Webster were three important statesmen.
What two important events occurred at the end of Jackson's term in 1836? The Battle of the Alamo and Congress recognized Texas as an independent country after denying them statehood.
Who was the worst-haired president ? lol Martin VanBuren
Created by: clb7819