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Unit 1 Test Review

William Penn's Quaker beliefs led him to speak out for fair treatment of Native Americans. Because of this, Pennsylvania colonists treated the Native's well and enjoyed many years of peace. What made Pennsylvania different from the other colonies? Pennsylvania colonists generally treated Indians with respect
What geographical features attracted the settlers of Jamestown to the location they chose? The location was on the water but not visible from larger bodies of water (protection from Spanish ships)
What can be inferred about the transportation of newly enslaved Africans? The Africans were put on overcrowded ships bound for America
What would be a reason that the southern economy was worth so much more than the New England and the Middle Colonies? they heavily relied on cheap or free (slave) labor
What was one of the most important tasks that the Pilgrims had to accomplish during their first year of settlement? build proper shelters for the oncoming harsh winter
Why were Native Americans replaced by Africans as slaves? African slaves were less likely to die from European diseases
What was the most important reason for bringing women to Jamestown Marry and Raise Children
What was a belief of the Quaker that set them apart from other groups that settled in the American Colonies? Belief that all people are equal in God's eyes
What was one of the main accomplishments of the Jamestown settlers? Setting up a protected colony
Why was the "Power of the Purse" so important to Colonial legislatures? Allowed the legislatures to check the power of the Governor
How did the rise in tobacco exports affect the slave trade? Planters bought more Slaves to meet the demand for tobacco
how did Native Americans relate to early English Colonists? The Native Americans helped the English hunt for food
Why were New Jersey colonists unhappy with their royal charter? the charter granted them very few rights
How did southern agriculture cause an increase in Slaves brought to America? Large Plantations in southern colonies need more slaves for field work
Which colony was founded as a place for Quakers to settler? Pennsylvania
A leader who supported the theory of Mercantilism would want his country to export more goods than it imported
what was life like in the colonial back-country In the backcountry, farm families often worked the land together
What jobs were among the main economic activities in the New England colonies due to available resources Fishing and Shipbuilding
Who owned the first European colony in what is now New York? The Dutch (Netherlands)
What was James Oglethorpe's goal in founding the colony of Georgia? Making a home for debtors. Those who were in danger of being jailed for their debts
What leader took charge of Jamestown John Smith
What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact? to establish laws that would be just and apply to all
what settlement in North America did Europeans establish first Roanoke
How did the pilgrims survive early hardships in their settlement the native Americans helped them
Why did the Puritans leave England for Massachusetts to build a society based on biblical teachings
What was the historical significance of the Virginia House of Burgesses? it began a tradition of representative government in the English Colonies
what was a challenge faced by the Jamestown colonists? Disease spread by insects
Which region depended most upon the work of Slaves for its economy? The Southern Colonies
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