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History 7 ch 1

Land Bridge once connected Siberia and Alaska, now is the Bering Strait, made possible by glaciers that caused ocean levels to drop
Mayas Created an accurate calendar between 300 and 900 AD
Incas Had the world’s largest Empire in the 1400’s
Mississippians Mound Builders who constructed the first cities in North America
Oral Tradition Native Americans passed on their knowledge from generation to generation through storytelling
1492 Europeans make first contact with Native Americans
Plains Indians Hunted buffalo on the Great Plains, used every part of the buffalo
Iroquois Developed a confederation in New York; women played a major role in society by choosing tribal chiefs
Islam Religion that grew in Asia, holy book was the Koran
Mali Kingdom in Africa ruled by Mansa Musa
Silk Road ancient trade route going west from China
Jesus taught that everyone could achieve salvation, founded Christianity
Athens Only adult males could participate in Athenian Democracy
Roman Republic Considered Christianity a threat and later embraced it, laws were made by elected representatives, these senators are much like the law making group the United States has today
Protestant Reformation Led by Martin Luther
Native Americans Passed on their knowledge in North America through storytelling; had many traditions that reflected their belief in spirits; came into contact with Europeans around 1500AD
Judaism 1st world religion to teach belief in one God
Prince Henry the Navigator set up a center for exploration in the 1400’s
Vasco da Gama passed the southern tip of Africa in 1498
Arab Astronomers used math to determine the earth was a sphere
The Crusades Exposed Europe to new goods, spices, and ideas; led to improvements in technology and navigation and many other possibilities; inspired Europeans to look overseas
Land bridge Theory belief that the 1st Americans crossed the land bridge as they followed prehistoric mammals, possibly woolly mammoths, that they hunted
Created by: PRO Teacher bmerkt
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