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History 11 ch 1

Christopher Columbus 1st European to discover the Americas; reached islands of the Caribbean
Conquistadors Spanish explorers who conquered the Aztecs and Incas
French Fur Trade French goal was to trade with the Native Americans for fur
Virginia Colony Growing tobacco as a cash crop saved the colony which struggled at 1st
Roanoke Colony The lost colony; 1st English attempt at settlement
Slave Labor in the Colonies Slaves were depended on for labor, especially on plantations in the South; widespread usage began in 1700’s
Land Bridge The 1st Americans may have traveled to the Americas from Asia across a land bridge between Alaska and Asia
St. Augustine Oldest surviving European settlement in the US
New France Colony was located in Present-Day Canada and parts of the Northern US
Jamestown Built on a swamp; tobacco saved the colony from failure
French and Dutch colonists Wanted to form strong relationships with Native Americans to trade for fur
House of Burgesses 1st example of self-government or representative government in the US
Southern Colonies Main source of the economy was plantation farming with wide usage of slaves
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