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Greece Module

Humanities 1010 RODP Module 2

What was a polis? The city-state; a Greek community.
What is a kouros? A standing, nude male statue.
What is a kore? A standing female statue, clad in drapery.
What is the significance of Kritios Boy? A Greek statue, it is the first to depict movement in statuary.
Who was Athena? Greek goddess of wisdom.
Who was Zeus? The mythological Greek father of the gods.
Who was Hera? Zeus' wife, the queen of heaven in Greek mythology.
Who was Poseidon? The brother of Zeus, the god of the sea in Greek mythology.
What is the Acropolis? The hill on which the Parthenon and other temples were built.
What is the Parthenon? The temple of Athena, from the Greek word "parthenos" meaning virgin.
Who was Aeschylus? The first Greek playwright; essentially an optimist in his writings.
Who was Sophocles? A Greek tragic poet.
What was "Oedipus Rex?" A Greek tragic drama written by Sophocles.
Who was Euripides? A Greek tragic poet.
What is meant by catharsis? A "purging"; part of a play or story where the audience is relieved of the tension of the action.
Explain the order of columns. In architecture, the style of a pillar or column. The Greek orders were the Doric and Ionic. The Romans added the Corinthian order. Each was a particular style of construction and adornment, the Corinthian being the most elaborate.
Who was Herodotus? The first Greek historian.
What is hubris? Excessive ambition or pride.
What is hamartia? A flaw in the character of a noble person that causes a tragic fate.
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