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Study Guide chapter


Mixed economy a system in which the government regulates private enterprise
Communist state a state whos constitution claims to follow the principles of communism
Federal System advantages shares power among different levels of government while still having more centralized power
Social contract theory theory that by contract, people surrender to the state the power needed to maintain order and the state, in turn, agrees to protect its citizens
Economic assistance the government helps citizens in need of money or food by providing them with food stamps or controls how much landlords can charge on certain buildings
Political parties group of individuals with broad common interests who organize to nominate candidates for office, win elections, conduct government, and determine public policy
Majority rule what the majority of people want
Rule of law no one is above the law
Checks and balances each branch of the government can check and balance one another's powers
Sovereighnty the supreme and absolute authority within territorial boundaries
leadership the action of leading a group of people or an organization
Thomas Hobbes English philosopher who believed that people surrendered their power to the state for freedom and security
The purpose of the Presidential veto to check and balance the legislative branch
Explain how a command economy works/what are it's characteristics the state controls factory production rates, communism
John Locke's definition of the social contract/examples people have natural right and trust the governments to uphold these rights
List the many functions of governements providing leadership, maintaining order, providing public services, providing national security, and providing economic security and assistance
If a democracy becomes an oligarchy, how would it's economy be affected? only the people with a lot of money and power would rule, most likely leave the people in poverty to rot
List the differences between the goals of socialism and capitalism Capitalism: incentives and free enterprise Socialism: governments control and distribute products
List examples of public services provided by the government create schools, build sewer systems, pave roads
Explain what a state can do because it is a sovereign makes its own set of laws and policies
List 14 principles of democracy citizen participation, regular free and fair elections, accepting the results of elections, the rule of law, majority rule with minority rights, accountability, transparency, limited government and a bill of rights, control the abuse of power, economic fr
Force theory the use of violence to lead
Evolutionary theory the heads of families rule
Divine right theory God given right to lead
List Socialist aspects of the American mixed economy providing economic security
Describe what can occur in a pure capitalist system government does not interfere with the economy, wages of workers, the prices of goods, what producers make and ways businesses make and sell products
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