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N.C History Table 5A

N.C, History

How did people first arrive in the New World They came from asia during the ice age. Because there was a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska.
What Native American Culture Region included North Carolina? Eastern woodland
About how many people lived in NC in 1492? Around 35,000 people.
Describe the appearance and health of Natives in NC in 1492 They had darker skin color and had darker hair. Well shaped and clean.
Why were the Native Americans so different from the Europeans? They had more endurance ,and strength.
Name and describe the agriculture method used in the Eastern Woodlands. They used the slash and burn method. They would cut the bark off of trees and leave it to die and when the tree dies they would burn it.
Describe what and how Native Americans in NC obtained foods other than by agriculture. They also found food by scavenging.
Why were quartz crystals important to Native Americans in the mountains? They believed that quartz foretold the future.
How did NC’s Native Americans trace their ancestry? Why do you think this was the case? They drew animals and about there life. Because they did not have a language.
Native Americans lived in 10-12 house settlements based on their _______ Clans.
What type of scientist studies human cultures? Anthropologist
Created by: Jbc1112