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Chapter 2 history

John smith Helped settlers and compromised with Indians
Pohwatan Helped Jamestown with food and shelter
Head right Land passed on to sons Considered masters
Burgess 17 and up can vote
Bacon Mad about land and rebelled. Died before gaining control
Mayflower 41 males signed Allegiance to king
Bradford 1621 More land and less debt
Winthrop Migration, commanded expedition Had to be elected
Theocracy No line between state and church
Anne Was part of clergy, not elect Women, merchants, young men Unorthodox
Pequot war Set fires and almost wiped out
Quakers Rejected original sin Women had position No paid clergy
Will penn Reimbursed Indians and had no conflicts.
Oglethorp Gained land and excluded African Americans free or slave No rum, trade, or catholics Got rid of these rules
Middle ground I and e adapted with each other
Navigation acts Monopolized trade with other countries
NE Was a royal colony
GR Mary 2 overtook James 2
Leisler Took over ny, but hanged
Created by: Bernadette31