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Chapter one history

Clovis First civilization and able to build boats.
Archaic 8000 BCE. Larger mammals became extinct. Used spears, bows and arrows, nets, and traps. (Incas:Mexico)
Tenochtitlan: greatest city with 100,000 people. Created aqueducts, schools, military, medicine, and slave workforce. Payed taxes with crops/animals. Human sacrifices and living hearts 100,000 Aqueducts, schools, military, medicine, and slaves Taxes paid with crops/animals Sacrifices and human hearts
Cahokia St. Louis, 1200 CE, 10,000 Earth mounds, combined farming and hunting Moved around Wall to protect themselves
Black death 1347-53 1/3 of Europe died
Christopher columbus Isabel/ferdinand Brought back natives Religious
Conquistadors Went around converting natives
Mestizos Taught Spanish and Portugal and created hybrid languages Became a mixed race
Matrilneal Traced through hereditary. Property from mom Husband to wife Women were dominant
Mercantilism Wanted to bring wealth to nation Helped unemployment and poverty
Protestant reform 1517,Martin Luther Salvation by good works God communicates through clergy/pope
Puritans Purified the church
Seperatlisits Simplify, reduce Bishop power, and reform local clergy
Roanoke 1585
Hudson Fur trade in new york
Jamestown 1607 Unsure about colonizing
Courier de bois Important fur traders
Created by: Bernadette31
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